Twitter, YouTube Tour de France crash footage

Twitter, YouTube Tour de France crash footage pic 1

Monday July 6, 2015 Stage 3 of Tour De France started its 159.5KM Anvers / Huy, you can watch the live feed right here for the standings etc. But at one-point organisers had to stop the race after a horrific crash happened just after 100km. The Tour de France crash during stage three can be … [Read more...]

Tour de Twitter: Cycling goes social

Tour de Twitter- Cycling goes social

As one of the world’s most iconic sporting events, a social integration was a natural next-step for the Tour de France to take. This year has seen the introduction of the Home of Cycling hosted by leading sports entertainment group EuroSport and powered by integrated social marketing platform … [Read more...]

Lance Armstrong Tweets: Last Tour de France

Lance Armstrong has been a dominant figure in the world of cycling – none more so than Tour de France. The seven-time winner of the event has announced on Twitter that this will be his last. … [Read more...]