New Pinterest Pin It update was pointless

It has been a while since Pinterest released a new update, and waiting patiently for a new one has not actually paid off for some.

Pinterest has released a minor update, which if you pin a lot you would have noticed by now. But to be fair we wished we never had the slight update, which was actually pointless.

When you click on the Pinterest “+” button and then “add from a website” you are able to add your URL link, and you will see the photos showing at the top of the Pinterest page where you can select to go onto your selected board.

New painful Pinterest Pin It move update

This is where the Pinterest problem is!

Before, you could simply click on the photo to pin it, but the update no longer allows Pinterest users to do this, you now have to hover over the image and click on the “Pin It” button.

What Pinterest doesn’t understand is that for someone like myself who uses the mouse and trackpad a lot it is easy for me to click on things with ease. But after watching a few other people in my family who do not use the mouse or trackpad a lot, they have trouble getting from one point to another on the screen in quick time.

Why did Pinterest change the way we can pin a photo on the desktop, it was far easier to click on the picture rather than the “Pin It” button within the photo.

Are you unable to click on the photo to pin it, do you have to click the pin it button within the photo?

New Pinterest Pin It move update pic 1