CNN corrected on Chris Messina’s Google Plus post

Wow, this is the first word that popped up when we read the Google Plus post by godfather of the #hashtag Chris Messina. His post titled “Thoughts on Google+” goes into great detail how Google and himself f****d up (his words not ours).

The post is not slow in coming forward, he gets straight to the point and does not hold back. Many Twitter followers love the article and believes this is how everyone should write, but hey you wouldn’t get far before it gets slammed by someone not really happy about the bad language. Personally it is only bad if you do not like it, but the point of the post is most definitely a good read, it got me gripped.

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We are now approaching 2015, and yet still no one knows for sure where Google Plus is going or what it is all about. Some have even said it is a platform with no reason, and users are still using it to figure out what it is capable of.

Chris Messina decided it was time to write a rather long post, and trust us it is a fierce one at that. If you are worried about words used with profanity in mind then do not click this link – Your going to click though, you know you will because your intrigued. The post is about Google Plus and explains why Google and himself messed up, we will not say no more about it, just click the link above to read more. However, the post has gained a lot of attention with top news groups and it seems they have got it all wrong.

The post was updated saying, “For the record, Dear CNN, I was never an engineer on Google+ (though I was both a developer advocate and UX designer). Facts, meh.” Messina also suggests they should review Janrain’s Social Login Trends Across the Web for Q3 2014 as well as Gideon Rosenblatt’s thoughts.

Looking over on the official Chris Messina Twitter account he has tweeted a few times about his post, one tweet said, “Completely not surprised that @CNBC f***** up their coverage and failed to grasp my Thoughts on Google+. Weaksauce.

And the other tweet explains the referrers to the ‘Thoughts on Google+’ post, and stats show that email/IM/direct had 25,063 views, 15,453 and Digg 10,597, take a look at stats below.

What are your views on Chris Messina’s ‘Thoughts on Google+’ post?

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