CNN corrected on Chris Messina’s Google Plus post

Google Plus separation with new Photos and Streams features

Wow, this is the first word that popped up when we read the Google Plus post by godfather of the #hashtag Chris Messina. His post titled “Thoughts on Google+” goes into great detail how Google and himself f****d up (his words not ours). The post is not slow in coming forward, he gets straight to … [Read more...]

CNN Premiere Piers Morgan Tonight: Social Media Helped or Hindered?


When TV personality “Piers Morgan” is mentioned, for some of us we tend to relate him to being the judge on NBC's America's Got Talent or the British equivalent. But for many of us we may associate him with the News of the World or Daily Mirror newspapers, which at times with controversial stories … [Read more...]

Celebrate New Year’s Eve With GetGlue, CNN & MTV


All around the world in just a few days time, we will be saying goodbye to 2010 and celebrating yet another year with plenty of new year's resolutions. But whatever your plans are, GetGlue, the social networking site for up to date entertainment news, with the collaboration of stations CNN and MTV … [Read more...]

Social Media Breaks Records With Chilean Miners’ Rescue


On October 13, for the majority of us we were transfixed by the rescue attempt to free 33 chilean miners trapped some 700 metres below ground. Hour by hour, we experienced the families jubilation when the miners were brought up to the surface one by one. Recent news has indicated that all of the … [Read more...]