LinkedIn probable threat from Facebook at Work

Mark Zuckerberg could just sit back and chill with the amount going on at the moment,, many acquisitions and so much more. But oh no, he has got to keep going and another project up his sleeve codenamed ‘Facebook at Work’, which could Rival LinkedIn.

Your boss would not be too happy if you were caught checking Facebook, but could this all change with the new social network dubbed ‘ Facebook at Work’ designed for the workplace.

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In a nutshell Facebook is all set to launch a new product for the workplace, business-focused so to speak. It is apparently being put into place so people at work can chat and interact with each other, especially professional connections.

The Daily Herald reports Facebook at Work could release in the next few months to the general public. The new social network by Facebook will have many features such as ‘document collaboration’ and if this is the case Google Drive and similar will be rivalled. Another feature allows professional posts being able to be mixed with personal ones.

Do not worry about holiday photos going onto the Facebook at Work profile, there will be employee profiles and news feeds only accessible during work hours. This means all personal data will be kept separately.

The new social network will be free to use, and is being directed by Lars Rasmussen (Former Google Maps co-founder). This new service in NOT Facebook for Business. Many businesses allow its employees to use LinkedIn during work hours, and Facebook at Work is a probable threat to LinkedIn. No one knows the full functionality of Facebooks to social network, but people are suggesting it could rival LinkedIn.

Do you think the new Facebook at Work network could threaten LinkedIn?

LinkedIn probable threat from Facebook at Work