LinkedIn profile interactions just got better

LinkedIn has just released a new update and made better its ‘Who’s Viewed Your Profile’, because now on this page users will see better insights on why you gained those specific interactions.

This means the LinkedIn profile interactions just got better because it now shows LinkedIn users how they sparked that engagement. To put it in plain and simple terms, users will get a much better detailed look into why people interact with profiles and content.

LinkedIn profile interactions just got better pic 1

This can only but mean LinkedIn profile strength at its best, the feature is brand new on LinkedIn’s ‘Who’s Viewed Your Profile’ page and can easily be found under profile in LinkedIn’s navigation menu. Many updates will occur to your LinkedIn profile now so it can sanction a connection etc.

Profile views have been around for a while no on LinkedIn, but users never know what let to these interactions. What increased your LinkedIn profile views by what type of person? This is a great new update that brings more interactivity and engagement thanks to what your profile receives.

This could be something special to land you your dream job, for more information please read more over on the official LinkedIn blog.

“Are you happy about the way you can now engage with ’Who’s Viewed Your LinkedIn Profile’?

LinkedIn profile interactions just got better