LinkedIn numbers for South Africa rises

Millions are looking for jobs worldwide and for South Africans they are turning their attention towards LinkedIn, they are using LinkedIn so they get a better chance to connect with potential employers.

In this day and age it is a tough crippling economy worldwide, but thanks to new research data from the SA Social Media Landscape 2015 study, which Fuseware and World Wide Worx released, it shows a huge 40% increase of LinkedIn users in SA, making a total of 3.8 million.

IT Web Africa reports on the new data showing a 40% increase of LinkedIn users in South Africa, the mining industry strikes earlier this year did not help the employment numbers, the employment rate now sits at 25%, saying South Africa may see a struggle to grow by just 2% this year.

Mike Wronski, chief executive officer of data company Fuseware said, “Every social network has its own dynamics. The secret for companies trying to leverage social networks lies not only in numbers of users, but also in how heavily those users engage in these networks. Twitter has more intensive engagement than Facebook, despite having substantially fewer users.”

The Numbers
Facebook has 11.8 million South Africans as of August 2014, and whopping 9.2 million of these use mobile devices to access the social media network. There has also been a 53% and 65% increase in YouTube and Instagram users in South Africa respectively the last year.

LinkedIn numbers for South Africa rises