Facebook’s Cartoon Profile Pictures: The Trend Continues

A new trend has emerged on Facebook recently and it is for a good cause as well as being light hearted and fun. The idea is to change your profile picture to an image of your favourite cartoon character.

It was strange when I logged on to my Facebook account the other day and saw that half of my friends had been transformed into Disney, Simpsons and Pokemon characters. At first I thought that another bug was going around but in fact it was the “change your profile pic to cartoon” event. It started on the 21st November and was supposed to end on the 28th November but has become popular and users have left the cartoon pictures on their profile.

One India has explained that the motive behind the event is to help fight against child abuse and make people aware of child violence over the world. An official page had been made in dedication to this cause and over a million users have joined, although it has been questioned how using cartoon characters will stop the abuse. Some would argue that this is just a popular trend going around and some of the people taking part have no interest in child welfare.

However the Daily Mail has reported that this campaign is actually a smokescreen for paedophiles hoping to narrow down which users are children. This disturbing theory came to light as no charity or organisation has come out and taken responsibility for the pledge. The NSPCC who are the leading charity that help prevent child abuse has spoken on Twitter and denied any involvement in this project, but did welcome the attention to the cause that this campaign has brought in.

Have you taken part in the “change your profile pic to cartoon” event? Let us know what you think of it and if it really is for a good cause, which is to stop the abuse of children.