Charlie Hebdo Muhammad cartoon release with Je suis sign debate

Charlie Hebdo Muhammad cartoon release with Je suis sign debate PIC 1

Charlie Hebdo will be releasing its next cover Wednesday January 14, the cover will show prophet Muhammad crying holding a sign saying “Je suis Charlie.” Underneath the new Charlie Hebdo cartoon will have a headline saying, “Tout est pardonné,” Some believe the Charlie Hebdo Muhammad cartoon will … [Read more...]

Cartoon HD Twitter accounts too confusing

Cartoon HD Twitter accounts too confusing pic 1

When it comes to Cartoon HD so many people are getting confused, there are fake accounts popping up including confusing ones on Twitter. It all started when the Cartoon HD app went live on mobile devices, where users could stream movies for free. But this was soon catching on and was deleted from … [Read more...]

New Cartoon HD Twitter not original Gappcenter

New Cartoon HD Twitter not original Gappcenter

So many movie streaming websites out there walk a very thin line, and with GappCenter closing its Twitter doors a few days ago with 5,000 followers, it seems to have popped back online – Here is the kicker, the new Cartoon HD Twitter account is not the original Gappcenter. When you visit the … [Read more...]

Cartoon Face maker project for Facebook, Twitter

Cartoon Face maker project for Facebook, Twitter

A new kickstarter campaign is underway titled ‘Cartoon Face The Project’, by Ben Middleton where he will create brilliant cartoon faces for you to enjoy of yourself or a friend, which can then be used anywhere such as Facebook, Twitter, forums etc. Project Cartoon Face will only be funded if it … [Read more...]

YouTube’s Annoying Orange Coming To TV


For those of you who are regular visitors to Google's video sharing site YouTube, you probably would have heard of "The Annoying Orange." Love it or hate it, the Orange's annoying videos are a massive hit, with hundreds of millions of views. This huge success has resulted in a TV show that is in … [Read more...]

The Scrimms: Hitting Facebook Next Week


Facebook has become a great place for advertisement, sports and brands. There’s no doubt in our minds that eventually everything will move towards social media and social networking in some shape or form including animation, enter The Scrims – they will be hitting Facebook next week. Whilst we … [Read more...]

Facebook’s Cartoon Profile Pictures: The Trend Continues


A new trend has emerged on Facebook recently and it is for a good cause as well as being light hearted and fun. The idea is to change your profile picture to an image of your favourite cartoon character. … [Read more...]

Facebook Profile Pictures Taken Over By 70s, 80s, 90s Cartoons


Have any of you heard about a new craze of changing your Facebook profile pictures to your favourite cartoons from the past? I am seeing more and more of my friends changing theirs to the likes of the Rugrats, the Smurfs the Snorks and even, my personal favourite Dangermouse … [Read more...]

Halloween Google Doodle Celebrates Scooby Doo

scooby doo

In the past search engine Google has celebrated yearly events with special Google Doodles, this year being no exception. It's Halloween and this time round, instead of concentrating on just one unique design, there are five to choose from. … [Read more...]