Slap her children’s reactions video trending in YouTube

Slap her children's reactions video trending in YouTube

Today the “Slap her": children's reactions is trending in YouTube with 1,000,000+ new local views, when young boys are asked to do a number of things to a girl violence is not one they like very much. If you put a boy in front of a girl and ask him to caress a girl he touches her face, hair or … [Read more...]

Hugh Hefner fake death trends in social media

Hugh Hefner fake death trends in social media pic 1

Hugh Hefner dead yet again causes a massive social media frenzy; the Playboy millionaire aged 88 was apparently healthy when he died of natural causes. So much so Hefner is so healthy he is alive and kicking. To put the record straight, Hugh Hefner is NOT dead. The death hoax was spread by … [Read more...]

#IfICouldTimeTravel is trending worldwide on Twitter

IfICouldTimeTravel is trending worldwide on Twitter

#IfICouldTimeTravel or ‘If I could Time travel’ is trending on Twitter right now worldwide. The simple Twitter hashtag #IfICouldTimeTravel is basically asking you what would you do if you could step back in time. Many celebrities and the Twitter public are tweeting what they would do if … [Read more...]

Live real-time trending 140 artists, songs on Twitter

Live real-time trending 140 artists, songs on Twitter

Twitter and Billboard have just made live its Trending 140 real-time chart, this will show top artist and song trends on Twitter in the U.S. The Billboard Twitter real-time chart will provide users with up-to-the-minute ranks, which includes Position, Song and Artist, % Change and Trend. In first … [Read more...]

Top 10 Trending Twitter Topics: Hurricane Irene Shaking It Up?


Its that time of the week again where we bring you the week's top trends on Twitter. In recent weeks it has been all about football, which is possibly the most discussed topic on the social media site. But there is always hot competition from a number of other topics, will Hurricane Irene shake … [Read more...]

What Will Top Twitter’s Chart Of The Hottest 10 Trends?


Its that time of the week again where we bring you the top 10 trending topics that have occurred on Twitter in the past week. This week's chart as normal is full of celebrities and events, provided as normal by Mashable's Matt Silverman. … [Read more...]

Twitter’s Hottest Trends: The Top 10


Its about that time again in the week where we reveal what has been trending on Twitter over the past 7 days. It may come as no surprise that Matt Silverman over on Mashable has once again done a fantastic job compiling the microblog's hottest topics of the week. … [Read more...]

Twitter Trends: The Week’s Top 10


We have a mixed bag this week in the Twitterverse, with plenty of new and old trends charting. There is a bit of everything in the compiled list of popular topics, which we are bringing you thanks to Mashable. … [Read more...]

New Year Trends: Twitter’s First Top 10


With the new year now just over a week old it is time to reveal what the first top 10 trends of 2011 are, with plenty of world events and general news filling the chart this week. So lets get down to business and see what has been going on in the Twitter community courtesy as normal to Mashable. … [Read more...]

The Last Trends Of 2010: Twitter’s Hottest


With 2011 now here, it is time to have a look at what the final trends of 2010 were. Last week we had Christmas as our top trend and now we are bringing you the final list of hot topics, thanks to Mashable. … [Read more...]

Christmas Trends: Twitter’s hottest 10


Over Christmas you expect families to come together to celebrate and lounge about watching TV with a stack of chocolate; however there is always time for tweeting and this has been proved in this week's chart of top 10 trends. Credit to Mashable for compiling the list of popular topics that have … [Read more...]

Trending Twitter Topics: The Top Ten


This week's roundup of the top trends on Twitter is dominated by celebrity and sports as it has been of late. Mashable has compiled the top 10 most talked about topics of the week. To kick things off literally at number 1 is Football/Soccer which has retained its place at the top of the chart … [Read more...]

Twitter’s Hottest Trends: Top 10 Of The Week


Last week we saw Twitter's trends being dominated by bad news and this weeks chart is unfortunately the same but with a sporty theme. Courtesy of Mashable we will be bringing you the most common talking points on the microblogging service as usual. … [Read more...]

Facebook’s Cartoon Profile Pictures: The Trend Continues


A new trend has emerged on Facebook recently and it is for a good cause as well as being light hearted and fun. The idea is to change your profile picture to an image of your favourite cartoon character. … [Read more...]

Twitter: The weeks top 10 trends


Here we have a round up of the week's 10 hottest topics on everyone's favorite micro blogging site Twitter, courtesy of Mashable. This week we have a few odd topics and others that have been in the news all week long, sports and celebrities dominate this week's chart. … [Read more...]