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New Free Stuff is relatively a new website that has a team looking, contacting and scouring everywhere so they can bring you freebies, samples etc. But what is rather interesting is its social media growth, especially Facebook.

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Many new websites pay a lot of money boosting posts or buying likes on Facebook, but New Free Stuff has gone the more natural route of letting the followers come on their own and clicking that like button. What we can see is a growth that has gone well since 12th January 2016, and giving away 3 x free Valentine’s Hampers to lucky winners boosted its followers immensely.

The New Free Stuff website is simple, easy to follow and is updated on a daily basis. When they find free products they simply update with a little post and a easy-to-see and use ‘GET FREEBIE’ button – Take a look here.

Its Facebook page at the time of posting this article has 4,021 likes, which is not too bad considering its not even a month old. They had 204 likes yesterday (Tuesday 2 Feb, 2016), and after looking at the official Facebook stats the best day for New Free Stuff and its growth was on 22 January where they had a staggering 1,372 net likes. On the 25 January 902 more people clicked the like button.

When it comes to the best 5 posts shared to Facebook the graph looks like this below:

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The Facebook stats are rather interesting when it comes to the people following New Free Stuff, 93% of its fans are women with only 7% being men. With 93% of fans being women a staggering 92% of them engaged with the Facebook page, out of the 8% of men 7% engaged.

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Here are the full stats for New Free Stuff Facebook likes: On January 12 its Facebook page went live, then the statistics in growth (Likes) looked like this: 13th Jan 329 likes, on the 14th it went to 436, then it went as follows day-by-day up until Feb 3; 486, 495, 576, 625, 726, 811, 912, 2,297, 2,387, 2,420, then kept climbing up to 3,366, 3,377, 3.551, 3,691, 3,701, 3,722, then on Feb first it went up to 3,814 likes, then 4,018 and today so far it sits at 4,021 and climbing.

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