HSBC online Internet banking still down on day 2

HSBC online Internet banking is still down on day 2 even though things were fixed for a short period of time. Yesterday January 4th, 2016 thousands of customers were not able to login to their online banking accounts due to some sort of disruption that has not yet been explained.

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If you visit the official HSBC Twitter account (@HSBC_UK_Help) you will see that they tweeted on multiple occasions they were aware of customers experiencing problems logging into its online and mobile banking services, they also mentioned they were investigating the matter and apologized for any inconvenience.

When you look at the tweets they basically tweeted the same message twice and then said its mobile app is now available but still working hard on fixing the online internet banking. It was 10 hours ago HSBC tweeted, “We apologise for today‚Äôs service disruption and thank you for your patience. Please be advised that online services are back up and running.”

But then just 50 minutes ago (time based on posting this article) they tweeted yet again that they are still experiencing problems with personal online banking, they are still trying to restore services.

Customers should call call 03457 404 404 or visit their nearest branch.

Customers have also said that HSBC Net is also an issue when trying to login, it seems personal and HSBC business Internet banking are still causing problems with customers. We wanted to know what HSBC customers were thinking so we visited Is Down Right Now UK and many had something to say.

Are you having HSBC Internet banking problems?

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  • Clive

    I have had issues since yesterday and in my eyes nothing has been sorted, well not for me anyway.

  • Sybil

    HSBC online is not online at all, it is still down for me and unable to login to my account. This is silly now as i need to make transfers today.