Testing new Pinterest Promoted Pins in the U.S

Testing new Pinterest Promoted Pins in the U

Pinterest back in May started testing out new Promoted Pins in the U.S with a small group of advertisers, and its new plan is to make Promoted Pins more relevant to Pinners. The new plan will also help many advertisers understand how their ads impact their business, we reported the new Privacy … [Read more...]

Facebook privacy check up tool now showing

Privacy Check-up Facebook

Today the new Facebook privacy check up tool popped up when looking through my personal profile, which shows you what you need to do in a few simple steps. It all started off with a Facebook pop-up message saying, “Hi Mark! We have a new tool that helps you quickly review a few of your privacy … [Read more...]

Facebook privacy settings removal and your views

Facebook privacy settings removal and your views

Facebook users might not be too happy that the social network privacy settings removal went ahead, the option in the privacy settings saying “Who can look up your timeline by name?” started way back in December last year, and the network did promise they would phase it out completely. The option … [Read more...]

Google+ (Plus) Early Update: Gender Can Be Seen Or Not


When you are creating a profile on a social network, something that generally doesn’t cause any of us a problem is Gender. Now we have heard that Google+ (aka Plus) is getting an early update where Gender can be seen or not seen. Now I know what you are thinking, there’s a story behind this… … [Read more...]

How To Opt Out Of Facebook Auto-Tagging Facial Recognition


We recently reported an article about how Facebook Auto-Tagging for your photos has gone live globally and also that it’s got a few privacy concerns attached to it. These are currently only concerns as nothing lucrative has been told of and Facebook has admitted that they perhaps should have told … [Read more...]

Facebook Photo Recognition Scrutinized: Privacy A Problem


We all know that Facebook has a tendency to roll out an update without necessarily mentioning it to its users or to the world as they have done previously. This time however they are perhaps in a spot of bother as they have rolled out Facebook photo recognition which is being scrutinized as privacy … [Read more...]

Party Gatecrashed By 1600 After Public Facebook Invites


Facebook as we all know is a fantastic way to connect with people and organise events, just so long as you know who you are inviting. Unfortunately for a German teen, her invites were public, which caused around 1,600 unexpected guests to turn up to her Birthday party. … [Read more...]

Facebook Child Safety Explained In YouTube Video


There’s a subject that keeps on popping up every day to do with Facebook and that is to do with its safety and privacy settings. We have already reported on how there’s a high percentage of unsecured Facebook profiles out there as well as how to hide your profile if you wanted to … [Read more...]

Ever Wanted To Hide Your Facebook Profile? Here’s How


Facebook has many uses for its 500 million users; some of them include health advice. We even brought you some advice on how to remove malware from your Facebook page. Facebook continue to make various improvements such as the @ tag being used in the comments … [Read more...]

How To Remove Unwanted Liked Hoax/Malware Pages From Facebook


Have you received any spam or unwanted pages being directed to your Facebook page or noticed any on your friend’s pages? Well now is your chance to get rid of that stuff and you can share it with all of your infected friends too. There are quite a few different things floating around Facebook at … [Read more...]

The Top Facebook Excuses For Ignoring Privacy Settings


When it comes to Facebook and the privacy settings most people are pretty cautious and set them how they want to but not everybody does. Mike Smith posted an interesting article about protecting your identity on Social Media sites that you can read by clicking here … [Read more...]

Facebook: Guide To Using Your Privacy Settings: 10 Must-Haves?


Since Facebook's launch in 2004 and some 600 million users later, there's no doubt that the social networking site is here to stay at this present time. Users to the site do not only communicate with their friends and loved ones, but can also join groups of interest, upload and share photos, follow … [Read more...]

Stopping The Spies: Internet Explorer 9


Microsoft are cracking down on websites and advertisers that watch what you browse with a new security feature on Internet Explorer 9 that gives tracking protection. … [Read more...]

Facebook Girl Invites 21,000 Guests To Party


Online social networking sites such as Facebook are increasing in users day by day, and it not just used by me and you but for celebrities as well. The site gives its users a tool to communicate with one another, tell friends what you’re doing and the option of joining various groups of interest. … [Read more...]

Facebook: Posts That Put You At Risk


We reported just the other day of how updating your Facebook status can attract the potential threat of burglars whilst you may be away on holiday. But now indications show that as well as this, users may have to take special care whilst posting other forms of personal data. Data that can be … [Read more...]