Testing new Pinterest Promoted Pins in the U.S

Pinterest back in May started testing out new Promoted Pins in the U.S with a small group of advertisers, and its new plan is to make Promoted Pins more relevant to Pinners.

The new plan will also help many advertisers understand how their ads impact their business, we reported the new Privacy Policy explaining these plans here.

These updates will help Pinterest show more pertinent and targeted Promoted Pins by incorporating information that advertisers have shared with them. They will also be able to build improved reporting tools for advertisers. For now, they are still only testing Promoted Pins in the U.S, but if all goes according to plan this will be tested in other countries.

If you don’t want us to use info from advertisers to personalize the Promoted Pins you see, you can change your account settings from your web browser. We’ll continue to support Do Not Track for personalization on Pinterest, as well.

If you’d like, you can get a preview of the Privacy Policy updates that’ll roll out on October 19. To learn more about the tools we’re building for advertisers and how we’ll tailor Promoted Pins, check out our Help Center.

Testing new Pinterest Promoted Pins in the U