Christmas Countdown to B&Q 12 Days of Deals

In just over 8 hours time on December 1 you will be able to enjoy the new B&Q Christmas 12 Days of Deals, this is when you can get to enjoy the most awesome one deal per day for 12 days.

Countdown to B&Q 12 Days of Deals for Christmas pic 1

B&Q have many different seasonal deals and this year so happens to be the start of 12 days, 12 deals. At the moment you will see a countdown time with just over 8 hours to go as of posting this article, and when this gets to zero it will be 0:01AM, which is the time the first question mark (?) will disappear revealing a new B&Q deal.

We have tried reaching out to B&Q for more information about what gifts we can expect during the ‘B&Q 12 Days of Christmas Deals’ but it seems things are a little hush at the moment.

See as Apple is not offering the 12 Days of Christmas Gifts at least you know B&Q has your back, the only downside is that Apple offered you apps, music etc for free. With B&Q we are guessing they will be special offers with product discount.

What B&Q deals would you like to see during the next 12 days?

Christmas Countdown to B&Q 12 Days of Deals  pic 2

  • Nigel

    I am very much looking forward to the next 12 days, i would say the first one is going to be an amazing deal, and then the next 10 will be OK with the last one being the best deal of them all.