New Deadpool Red Band trailer is twisted

The new Deadpool Red Band trailer is twisted with the foul-mouthed unconventional anti-hero doing what he does best (Ryan Renolds), but wow it is sure fun to watch with a lot of sick gruesome shots.

Ok, it’s not really gruesome but hey you get the picture what is happening and how much gore there is going to be in this movie. Thanks to 20th Century Fox they have released this new Deadpool Red Band trailer for viewers to gasp in awe, it was published on August 4, 2015 and already had 1,709.873 views.

New Deadpool Red Band trailer is twisted pic 2

Deadpool is the new upcoming 2016 R-rated movie, which will come with plenty of action, fight scenes, blood and of course a lot of slapshot comedy. At one point a man says to Deadpool, “You are haunting, you look like an avocado who has had sex with an older avocado.”

It was Conan O’Brien (Comic-Con attendee) that debuted the red band version of the trailer, which was aired on the TBS show Conan.

Are you ready for the twisted Deadpool Red Band trailer?

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New Deadpool Red Band trailer is twisted pic 1

  • Julie

    Damn, I so want to see this film right now.

  • Max

    Would it be wrong to say this is the best film by far judging on this new trailer, kinda getting way too excited now for the official Deadpool release.