Best Google Plus pages to follow in April 2015

What are the best Best Google Plus pages to follow in April 2015? Google Plus is getting better with age as we all know, since being launched in 2011 it is growing with 2 billion G Plus profiles. It has been reported that 9% of these have publicly-posted content as reported by Business Insider UK. As you can see, it will be very hard to sieve through all the profile pages deciding who are good for you, so we will list a few to make life a little easier.

Google Plus has overtaken micro-blogging site Twitter, and is second to Facebook so its growing not falling like majority thought. So as 2015 goes on you can see the growth will only but get stronger, below we are showing a few of the best Google Plus pages to follow in April 2015. If you are not following these yet it may make sense to as they have a huge follower ship.

Steven Hughes

One person to follow in April 2015 if you are not already is Steven Hughes who bleeds social media, he loves marketing, technology and blogging. He has 45,486 followers with 31,417,634 views.

Product Reviews

Product Reviews would be another to follow in April, Product Reviews has 6,155 followers and has had 28,606,557 views. Product Reviews started back in 2004 and reports news on gaming, tech news, autos and much more - Really worth following these on Google Plus.

I would say the next on the list should be myself, without being vein I have 45,133 followers and had 3,519,557 views. I got a massive following from my mobiel technology background, but have since left that area and moved on to social media and many other projects. In time the others will be revealed. Please do follow me Mark Chubb on Google Plus.

Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki - NO introduction needed here, the man is a giant when it comes to Google Plus and many other social media platforms. The Chief evangelist of Canva was the former advisor to the CEO of Motorola and chief evangelist of Apple, he has a staggering 6,868,640 followers and has been viewed 520,621,672 views.

Larry Page

Another Google Plus profile to follow in April 2015 would have to be Larry Page who has 9,034,677 followers with 42,700,016 views. This is a real easy introduction because he is simply known as the present Google CEO.

Larry Hryb

When it comes to the gaming world is Larry Hryb who now works at Microsoft on the Xbox team, people may know him as Xbox LIVE’s Major Nelson. His Google Plus profile now has 2,421,458 followers and has had 6,626,217 views.

Toyota USA

Last but not least and for now in our ‘Best Google Plus pages to follow in April 2015’ is Toyota, we had to stick a Google Plus auto profile in here somewhere and Toyota is worth following. Toyota USA on Google Plus updates its page on a regular basis, the page now has 478,081 followers with 21,088,736 views.

Do you have any good Google Plus profile our readers should follow in April 2015?

Mark Chubb