Pinterest board, pin management opportunity infographic

Pinterest is becoming ever so popular, and on a daily basis more people are joining up to the pinning social media site. But once users are on there they really do need to keep all their boards and pins organized.

Both boards and pins can gain more followers if they are organized properly, no one wants to follow you if they are all over the place and make no sense at all. Either be followed on Pinterest or just be sitting there wasting your time.

Pinterest board, pin managment opportunity infographic

Pinterest can be time consuming; it is all about keeping it simple. The infographic below by infographicsdesignspro is rather interesting and offers a quick guide into managing Pinterest boards and pins.

First of all create a wish list board for audience, categorize and organised boards are a must, as so is adding contributors to a special board and adding a board name and description. The inforgraphic goes into more detail on 1) Keeping your boards clean (Yes they made a spelling mistake here oops), 2) add contributors, 3) Organize your boards, 4) Board widgets, 5) Board name and description and 6) Create a wishlist.

Do take a look at the infographic below and let us know what else you have done to make your Pinterest boards and pins follow rich.

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