Google Plus post pinning for hot updates

Do you use Google Plus? There are millions still using the social media network with some believing it is a ghost town, but Google disagree and that is why they released a new update where users can pin their posts to the top.

There is always one post you believe is more important than the rest, but if you update your Google Plus page on a regular basis the important posts gets lost amongst the others, which is not really good. But now there is a new ‘Pin Post’ and ‘Unpin Post’ option.

Google Plus post pinning for hot updates

If you like a post that much and want everyone to see it, just publish the post and then click on the down arrow where you can then click on the ‘Pin Post’ link. Once you have done that the post will now show at the top of the page until you unpin it.

We believe this is a great feature, especially if you are a company releasing a new update. Even better for developers because they are constantly updating everything. You can only pin one post at a time, if you have already pinned a post to the top of your page and want to pin another, you will have to unpin the one already at the top.

Do you like the Google Plus pin post feature?

Just want to say a big thanks to Product Management Director, Google+ Dennis Troper for the news.

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