Pinterest is down globally, engineers alerted: Update

Pinterest is down right now and unavailable globally it seems, when you visit the website you will see a message saying, “Something went wrong! Sorry. We’ve let our engineers know.

We decided to look into this further getting information coming thought that it is down in many areas. Such as Atlanta, London, South Africa, the Netherlands and many more countries.

Pinterest is down globally, engineers alerted

Either Pinterest are releasing a new update, a maintenance service or they are simply having server issues.

A few comments are coming in over on Down Detector with one saying they are not happy because they wanted a recipe, the persons recipe is on their Pinterest board and they cannot access it. To top it off it his their kids birthday meal. Another said Pinterest is down in southern California (Orange County). Last hour or so. Very frustrating & annoying.

Are you having Pinterest problems at the moment? If so please do use the comments below and let us know where you reside, thank you.

UPDATE: Pinterest is back up again.

Pinterest is down globally, engineers alerted pic 1

  • chris

    I was working on a report for an account I manage for a client and suddenly, all the page’s followers and those it follows disappeared! I am located in NYC.

  • Anon

    Just logged into Pinterest and lost 1072 followers and have noone following me back! I need those followers back! In the United Kingdom

  • alice

    Same problem i’m in Italy

  • Elaine

    Same problem, Lost followers and following. I’m in Massachusetts.

  • Ashley

    Showing 0 followers for me and says I’m only following 20 people. I am located in IL.

  • Mary Loreno

    Lost followers and following…I am in Minnesota.

  • EeeByGum

    Lost 27,000 followers and am now only following 20 people - home feed is a selction of random rubbish too :(

  • Melissa F. James

    Hi, I’m in North Texas and I can see the main Pinterest feeds, but if I click on my boards, I don’t see the one I clicked on, but just some other, random board of mine. Can’t get to the ‘Gifts for Others’ board that I NEED for online shopping this evening. :-(

  • kdinspired

    Hi, I’m in Utah and also lost all of my followers today and had been receiving random feeds. While those problems have been resolved, if I click on any of my boards the only info that comes up is from my last board. I am not able to get info from my other boards.

  • Neller6557

    Pinterest boards in NJ weird and showing only one board under all the boards. It is the last board I made. Also if leave pinterest and come back another board comes up for all the other boards. Even a secret board was coming up. At the same time I tried looking at other’s board and the same board of mine came up under their boards as well. Earlier today it disappeared entirely only to come back without any followers or following. I think someone has hacked into Pinterest to screw with cyber monday.

    • Neller6557

      Just went back and people are repinning things from boards I can’t access. This problems appears on my laptop, PC and Iphone….

    • Lisa Napoli Moulder

      I’m having the same problem!