Star Trek ship blueprints featured on Pinterest

Star Trek ship blueprints featured on Pinterest pic 3

Star Trek is one of the most loved sci-fi shows on the planet, and to go where no man has ever gone before is the ship and there are many of them. Maybe you love the USS Enterprise, Ares, Akira, Ambassador classes and so many more, but what is your favorite? Below you will get to see our best Star … [Read more...]

Tokyo Star Trek building in China

Tokyo Star Trek building in China pic 1

Calling all Star Trek fans, this has to be the best 'Enterprise' we have ever seen and you cannot get more of an enterprise than the stunning Tokyo Star Trek building in China. To build the Star Trek's USS Enterprise building took £100 million, and now the headquarters can boost into space. … [Read more...]

Captain Kirk’s Facebook Profile: Disabled And Re-Enabled


It must be difficult for the guys at Facebook to actually distinguish between real and fake accounts of popular people and celebrities. It must be even more difficult when they are people from the past that if they are around my sort of age then they may not remember properly … [Read more...]

Apple iPad: Star Trek Captain’s Log app


Our attention has been brought to a brilliant new app for the new Apple iPad when we finally receive them any day now...hopefully. It comes from Gizmodo, is called the Captain’s Log, and for all you Star Trek fans out there, it’s made for you. … [Read more...]