The love candy brands receive around Valentine’s Day

The love candy brands receive around Valentine's Day pic 1

Fun analysis of gourmet candy’s reach, and engagement on social media in the run-up to Valentine’s Day 2015. Falcon Social, a leading social media management platform, is investigating which chocolate brands are doing the best to target their would-be customers and fully leverage social media … [Read more...]

Pinterest Valentine’s Day cards for the forgetful

Seasonal social media usage and impact

Valentine's Day is in a couple of days and you know how it is with rushing around and being forgetful. Cupid is waiting to shoot that arrow at your loved one, but it would be a bad start if you have forgotten to buy them a Valentine's card. Not to worry because Pinterest can help ease the … [Read more...]

Happy Valentine’s Day: Google Celebrates With A Doodle


We at OSM cover most of the Google Doodles that appear in place of the normal logo on everyone’s favored search engine, they normally change it for a special occasion or for an event. Guess what, today is no different as its Valentine’s Day … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day in America: Facebook and MySpace Data


Here at OSM we’ve already been bringing you articles about Valentine’s Day and among our most recent we’ve told you about a Purple Ronnie Facebook app, some iPhone Valentine’s apps to show you care, and some Nook Color cases for gift ideas. Now we have more news for you about Valentine’s Day, this … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day iPhone apps to help show you care


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we’ve already been bringing you some ideas and offers such as NOOK color cases and a Purple Ronnie Facebook app. We also told of an amazing Valentine’s offer at the moment for free phones from T-Mobile. Now we thought you might like to know about a few … [Read more...]

Facebook App for Purple Ronnie Fans in time for Valentine’s Day


We often like to tell you about the latest Facebook apps and if you love Purple Ronnie and rave about St. Valentine’s Day then we have the perfect piece of news for you. A new Facebook application launched in time for Valentine’s Day gives a gaming experience and allows users to send virtual … [Read more...]

T-Mobile Free Phones Valentine’s Gift Offer: It’s the real deal


We’ve already posted some ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts, and also given you details of a mobile app called “Thoughtful” designed to help people give appropriate gifts. However with Valentine’s Day 2011 fast approaching what could be better than a gift that’s totally free. … [Read more...]