Pinterest Valentine’s Day cards for the forgetful

Valentine’s Day is in a couple of days and you know how it is with rushing around and being forgetful. Cupid is waiting to shoot that arrow at your loved one, but it would be a bad start if you have forgotten to buy them a Valentine’s card. Not to worry because Pinterest can help ease the stress.

If it has slipped your mind to go shopping for your Valentine you could use Pinterest, because they have set up new Pins to choose to send to your loved one.

Pinterest Valentine's Day cards for the forgetful pic 1

Each of the Pins are completely different, which means there is a different message in each one on the online cards.

The new Valentine’s Day cards on Pinterest, the new board is called ‘Send a valentine‘ and this is a Pinterest Board that offer special handmade Valentine Pins made by Pinterests and its designer friends. Just pick one from the board and send to someone you really like.

Pinterest Valentine's Day cards for the forgetful pic 2

When you see something you like on the ‘Send a valentine’ board just click on the airplane, or if on a mobile device just hold on the Pin to send.

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