Promote your small business using social media

Promote your small business using social media

Social Media has firmly established itself as one of the key marketing channels due to its ability to reach huge, targeted audiences whilst often offering a healthy return on investment. Social media marketing is therefore one of the best ways to promote virtually any type of business. One thing … [Read more...]

YouTube & Small Businesses: Marketing Made Good, Mistakes Quashed


In this day and age, to have any chance of standing out from the crowd and getting the full engagement needed from potential customers, advertising and marketing tactics have to be put in place and used in the correct manner. We have heard how social networking sites are now being used for not only … [Read more...]

Social Media: Has Your Business Been Impacted?


Is social media having an impact on your business? Be it positively or negatively? The reason I wanted to talk a bit about this is because of the massive increase in businesses and social media being intertwined. These days one doesn’t seem to go without the other. Something that businesses won’t … [Read more...]

Importance of Business Cards And Social Media


During recent times we have spoken to you about various different aspects of social media that can aid you and your small business. One of which was 'Social Media Marketing Offline: 5 ways' and we actually touched on business cards online … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing Offline: 5 Ways


Small businesses are always trying to promote themselves in the fastest and cheapest possible way, what better than using the ever growing world of social media? Have you ever thought of Social Media Marketing Offline? Mashable are helping out by showing some visual aids, here are a few of the … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing: Small business owners and ROI


The world is ever-changing and social media is certainly one of the things that are coming more and more to the fore of everyday life. People who never imagined they’d be using it now do so and it’s becoming an integral part of modern businesses with more and more realizing the ROI they can get … [Read more...]

Yelp for local small businesses - it’s a necessity


If you have been looking to raise your business' profile you may want to think submitting your business information to Yelp, a recent article posted on Mashable suggests that Yelp is quickly becoming a necessity for small local businesses. … [Read more...]