Google Plus to benefit from Odysee technology

Google Plus to benefit from Odysee technology pic 2

Google has recently purchased Odysee, and by acquiring the photo sharing and backup application they will be using it within the Google Plus social network. The Odysee platform team will now be joining the Google Plus team to bring new and innovative products to the table. Using the Odysee … [Read more...]

Katango Automatically Organises Your Facebook Friends

Katango iPhone Application

The social networking game is afoot! For a while now Facebook and Twitter have been dominant, each taking up a different sector of the social networking market. Facebook has a walled garden approach, where you have to invite people to join your friends, whilst Twitter goes for the 140 character … [Read more...]

User Data Leaked By Facebook Applications

Facebook Applications leak data

In the last few years Facebook has revolutionised the way that we interact with the internet. It has changed the way that our young people share their data, and we even allow the service to know wherever we are in the world. Users readily hand over their data because of some sort of trust, which may … [Read more...]