LinkedIn Private InMail vs Facebook At Work for colleagues

LinkedIn Private InMail vs Facebook At Work for colleagues main

LinkedIn is all set to release a new feature tool, which will allow users such as employees and employers to connect with one another. This is a solid move after the new Facebook At Work was recently released. LinkedIn is a professional site where you look for jobs, it is not what you call a … [Read more...]

Social Media in the Workplace: Digital Distractions Cost Money


The impact of social media on business, retail and with marketing has been huge over the last few years and it seems that we’re often writing about how social media can help brands and services. However there are also some drawbacks of social media in the workplace as you may be surprised how much … [Read more...]

Federal employees warned not to mix politics and social media


We're all aware of the impact that social media has had in the workplace and now it seems that Federal employees have been issued with new guidance about the use of social media while at work, from the Office of Special Counsel. A document has been issued recently by the OSC telling employees how … [Read more...]