Harley recall for 2015 after 27 crashes

Harley recall for 2015 after 27 crashes pic 1

Complaints have come flooding in leaving Harley-Davidson no choice but to do a recall on over 55,000 of its motorbikes. One Harley recall is for 46,000 motorcycles after a total of 27 crashes have been reported with four minor injuries. Biker safety is number one priority with for Harley-Davidson … [Read more...]

Motorcycle crash video needs more social awareness

Motorcycle crash video needs more social awareness

One motorcycle crash video needs much more social media awareness. Raw footage of David Holmes, 38 colliding into a car on the A47 in Honingham, Norfolk leading to his death is shocking but should be watched by all motorists no matter what type of machine you are driving/riding. The video itself … [Read more...]

Bike crash video convicts Sanderson

Bike crash video convicts Sanderson

Biker Jack Sanderson, 22 posted a video on his YouTube channel of him speeding down the Cat and Fiddle, one of Britain’s most dangerous roads in the Peak District. This video landing him in trouble with the law but luckily escaped prison. Jack Sanderson was wearing a Go Pro camera when he was … [Read more...]

Black Range Rover crushes bikers in shocking video

Ranger Rover crushes bikers in shocking video

The shocking video we have below shows a Black Range Rover driving through and over bikers on their motorcycles, this video has caused controversy and is being debated of who was in the right or wrong. In the video you can see a Range Rover and many bikers on their motorbikes, you can clearly see … [Read more...]

Movie To Motorway: Tron’s Light Cycle For Sale


With all of the flashy high tech gadgets and cars we see on the big screen nowadays, you cant help but sit back sometimes and say to yourself: "Man I wish I could get me one of those!" Well for anybody who did that whilst watching Tron Legacy recently, then you may be in luck. … [Read more...]

Brammo Announce “The Enertia Plus” Electric Motorcycle


Brammo the electric motorcycle manufacturer, released their new model today being their fifth generation mode. The company based in Oregon has named it's latest version "Enertia Plus". … [Read more...]

Honda’s social network expansion on motorcycle racing website


Social networking sites have become a big part of today’s society with companies wanting a piece of the action, and now Honda have grasped this concept. With Honda’s motorcycle racing website www.hondaproracing.com it gives users the option to keep up to date with the latest racing news be it from … [Read more...]