Facebook Messenger not working demands change

Facebook Messenger is not working some users at the moment, in serious cases the app is totally down.

The Facebook Messenger app has been having problems since 5:15 PM EST according to Down Detector and upon further investigation many users have taken to Twitter to vent their anger.

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One users of Facebook Messenger said they cannot find any past messages, it says “Not Found” but the rest of the Facebook is fine. Seems to be a problem with finding messages or receiving them on mobile devices.

Another user was so angry they said, “What an absolute joke for an organisation as big as Facebook is. Put messages back into the Facebook app you morons.”

It seems that the main problem is with messenger not being able to load conversations and send messages, in a nutshell no connectivity to messaging service.

Tweets are also coming in, one said “my messenger isn’t working and ive forgotten my password for Facebook and my emails, today is not my day.”

Are you having Facebook Messenger problems at the moment? Do you think they should put Messages back into the Facebook app?

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Facebook Messenger not working demands change

  • raech santos

    Facebook messenger is also not working here in the Philippines. It’s been two days now and it is ANNOYING and very FRUSTRATING.