7 incredible social media services transformations

Change is the only constant thing in this world. Everything in the world undergoes changes. One of the greatest innovations we had in this world is the change in technology, particularly the internet and the social media.

Through social media, communicating has been so easy, from sending messages and information from people across the globe or just streets away. Businessmen also embraced and make the most out of social media for business. And the social media marketing has also evolved as time goes by.

The evolution has made social media more reliable for entrepreneurs. In line with this, let us go back and study the 7 greatest transformations of social media services.

1. Social media users counting to billions now

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The emerging number of users of various social media platforms is huge evidence that the social media is a powerful way of disseminating information. Forget the days that you can just endorse through phonebook and yellow pages, and send invitations from chain emails. Imagine that each social networking site is accommodating millions of users, and counting billions as a total, and they are able to send advertisements and information in just a click. Take twitter for example, almost 8,000 tweets are published each second. That alone can testify that social media has transformed to the finest. Numerous social media users also show that it is very easy to be viral and be known faster. People are using social media every day, and your ads in social media are at high-chances of being viewed and patronized.

2. The Usage of Microblogging

Gone are the days with static advertisements such as photos with caption or pre-made videos and longer blog posts to plug or feature something. With the use of microblogging, you can support your business through advertising various contents from time to time and hand bits of information. The invention of microblogging such as twitter made blogging easier by generating short posts quickly.

3. Sharing shares

instagram, facebook, twitter, and tumblr

If then, you need to manage many accounts for shameless plugging and advertorials; various social media have easy-sharing feature. It allows your business and your ads to be shared easily. A perfect example for this a photo-plugging on instagram, that can be shared in facebook, twitter, and tumblr. It is like sharing information twice or thrice in just managing a single account. This social media marketing strategy allows you to consume lesser time.

4. Videos are everywhere

Youtube has emerged a popular video sharing site. But as time goes by, other social media has adapted video-sharing feature. You can share videos in Facebook and instagram that contain information about your product and services. In twitter and other social messaging applications, you can share links of videos and repeat or repost them as many times as you can. Because of this, sharing videos is always included in many social marketing tips of the experts.

5. The Invention of Insight Metric Tools

Insight Metric Tools

Social media marketing has never been this convenient without the insight metric tools. This feature provides you for your business such as tracking fan page performance, audience demographics, engagement metrics, and audience impression. Tracking such things can help you a lot in understanding how your ads, pages, and other social media accounts work together to help you in promoting your business.

6. Sponsor posts everywhere

Finding potential customers are not your problem with social media marketing. With the sponsor post feature, the social media site you are in is the one which will find, filter, and send your ads to a particular account like it is a legit post of a friend or of a following. Sponsored posts will appear as a normal feed post and can easily capture the user’s attention than placing ads on the spare areas of a website. This innovation shows that ads can be user friendly, that they can enjoy it on their newsfeeds and not just annoying ads that will pop out in every page they will browse.

7. Social media marketing is in mobile

Social media sites through mobile applications are now literally in the hands of every user. Before, many users are managing their accounts through computers, and only a few are able to use their phones. But now, as technology progresses, social media for business is also pushing limits up to the top through mobile advertisements. Aside from the ads and pages in a particular social media site, ads are now can be seen in social messaging applications and can form public chat accounts for further discussions about the products you offer.

So far, social media marketing is evolving as a greater avenue for plugging and promoting products. Helpful features are being invented continuously to provide entrepreneurs quality service that can boost their sales. In the coming years, we should expect for more useful innovations and various social marketing tips and tools that each business can do to be on the top.

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7 incredible social media services transformations