LIRR delay status via Twitter updates

LIRR delay status via Twitter updates pic 2

Yesterday proved to be a nightmare for Long Island commuters, and even though the LIRR service is now up and running again both in and out of Penn Station people are still battering Twitter with complaints. Twitter became the forefront of a massive workout after a serious LIRR service suspension, … [Read more...]

Eurostar running with 30-60 minute train delays

Eurostar running with 30-60 minute train delays  pic 3

Eurotunnel delays commenced over the weekend after a smoke detection, and even though Eurostar is up and running again there is expected to be 30 to 60 minute delays. The Eurostar delays occurred when the Chanel Tunnel was closed due to a lorry fire over the weekend, but thanks to the Eurostar … [Read more...]

Labor Day weather warning on Twitter

Labor Day weather warning on Twitter

Today is Labor Day and many were expected to celebrate the weekend, but bad weather including strong thunderstorms and heavy rain interrupted this in the Northeast. New York City beach saw the bad weather, which actually closed down two music festivals’ with Electric Zoo being one of them. The … [Read more...]

Sony PSN More “Excessive” Delays Expected: Xbox Now Option?


Sony's PlayStation Secure Network has been down since Wednesday 20th April, with many of you left feeling disappointed and angry in relation to how the electronics company have dealt with the situation and so on. Since the outage began, we have done our best to update you as and when the news comes … [Read more...]

iPad 2 Online Orders Ship Early: Smart Covers Plus More Delayed?


While some have already experienced the joys and downfalls of Apple's second generation iPad, others that made the choice to take the online order route, have still been waiting for their tablets. … [Read more...]

iPad 2 Foxconn Parts Maker Slow Down: Disconcerting Buying News


The highly sought after Apple iPad 2 officially launched last Friday and for many lucky customers who managed to bag the device, its now just a waiting game in terms of delivery times. In the last few days, we have given you various updates in relation to shipping times, which with what started as … [Read more...]

Apple iPad 2 Delay: Design Changes Blamed June Likely?


There are no doubt plenty of you waiting for the arrival of the next generation iPad or iPad 2 if you prefer, and although rumors suggested that its launch would be sometime in April, it seems judging by today's news you may have to wait a little longer, in fact sometime in June. … [Read more...]

Kno Tablet Shipping Delayed Up To 2 Months: Some May Wait Until April?


A while back, in fact November 2010, we brought you news of 2 tablets from Kno, which were potentially geared up those within the academic market. Kno's offerings were expected to be one of a 14.1-inch single screen model, and the other a dual-screen with both shipping sometime in December. … [Read more...]

Verizon iPhone 4 Delays HTC Thunderbolt Launch Date


The HTC Thunderbolt has certainly been getting some press; it is looking like it will be a great smartphone. We have recently reported the disappointment of not having the hotspot access upon its release and the previous release date on Verizon and pre-ordering details from Best Buy. Now we are … [Read more...]

Notion Ink Adam Shipment Delays: Was Your Touchscreen Affected?


Some might say that the introduction of the new Notion Ink Adam tablet from start-up Notion Ink, has been tainted with bad luck from the beginning. The device which we have brought you news on throughout this month, is receiving more than its fair share of problems, such as initial delays due to … [Read more...]

Mozilla Firefox 4 Release: 2011 Not 2010


In news today, Mozilla have announced that the release for Firefox 4 will now be delayed until early next year. Reasons have been put down to development issues of the free open source browser taking longer than first thought. … [Read more...]