PoF Website Not Working, Hack Suggested


Hack, take over or just plain bad luck for Plenty of Fish users not being able to access the website or mobile app? So many people are complaining with one question in mind, “ The Plenty of Fish website and app are not working, when will it be back up?” Both PoF website and app are down and … [Read more...]

Argos Website is Down, 3 for 2 Sale Incoming

Argos Website is Down

When you try to open Argos you will see that the website is down with a message attached, which says “Sorry, we need a moment. Demand for this part of the site is really high. Stay with us. We'll refresh this page automatically so you can continue shopping as soon as possible.” It has been down … [Read more...]

HSBC Bank Website is down on Aug 1

hsbc down

Today on August 1 customers are having problems accessing their online bank accounts due to the official HSBC website being down. When you go to hsbc.co.uk nothing happens, which means the website is down, and we have tried to get an explanation to no avail. Even when you search on the … [Read more...]

BT Internet, Broadband Outage Today July 20

BT Internet, Broadband Outage

There is a BT Internet / Broadband outage today on July 20 and customers are coming forward to report the issues on sites such as ‘Down Today’, which allows customers to share their service status with others. The BT outage today in the UK surrounds the Internet being down for unknown … [Read more...]

BBC iPlayer Radio Down with Internal Server Error 500

BBC iPlayer Radio Down

When trying to access BBC iPlayer Radio you will be prompted with an onscreen message saying, “Error 500 - Internal Server Error,’ which basically means the website page is down. On the website they do explain that this error and what you can possible do, such as the error could be temporary … [Read more...]

PSN Status Down, Not Undergoing Maintenance Today July 13

PSN Status Down pic 2

Gamers PSN status is down today on July 13 and it is not undergoing maintenance, as this is not scheduled until 19/07/2016, 05:30, which will last 1 hour. Many gamers have taken to social media channels and down websites such as Twitter and Is Down Right Now USA to report that they have no … [Read more...]

YouTube went Down with 500 Internal Server Error

YouTube went Down with 500 Internal Server Error

Funny how Taylor Swift declares war with the video sharing website and all of a sudden YouTube is down with 500 Internal Server Error. Is YouTube down for you? If the answer is yes please do leave your location below, this will help to see if it is a global problem. The YouTube website and … [Read more...]

Lakeland Electric Power Outage Map Shows Problems

Lakeland Electric Power Outage Map 1

Reports from customers are coming in of the Lakeland Electric power outage that is taking places in a few locations. If you are having issues with your electric right now please do report them here. Customers are letting us know there are a few issues with their electricity so we have decided … [Read more...]

Barclays.net Down, Trojan Virus Affecting Smart Cards

Barclays.net Website Down, Login Problems

Many customers are not too happy at the moment because Barclays.Net is currently unavailable, when you try to open the website all you will see is an error message saying the service is basically down. Also a warning message has been put out on the website about a Trojan Virus affecting Smart … [Read more...]

Powercor Power Outage in Caroline Springs, Melbourne April 28

Powercor Power Outage pic 1

It seems there is a Powercor power outage in Caroline Springs, Melbourne today April 28. Two customers have emailed us saying they have no power at all in their location of postcode 3023. We did a check on the official powercor.com website and our result came back with, “No reported outages … [Read more...]

Telegram Down with Connecting Issues Confirmed

Telegram Messenger App Servers Down

Many Telegram users are having connections issues and are taking to social media networks such as Twitter to let others know. It has been reported and confirmed officially over on the @telegram Twitter page that user in MENA and EU are having connection issues, and that Telegram Messenger … [Read more...]

Warframe PS4, XB1 Login Failed, Check Info Error

Warframe PS4, XB1 Login Failed

What is your Warframe status right now? Many PS4 and Xbox One players are having issues playing right now because they are reporting they are seeing an on-screen message saying, “Login Failed, Check Info”. If you visit this Twitter page you will see many tweets coming in about the Warframe … [Read more...]

Samsung TV Smart Hub Not Working with Connection Issues

Samsung TV Smart Hub Not Working 12 April, 2016

People are taking to social media networks such as Twitter as well as down sites to let everyone know that they are having problems with their Samsung Smart TV Hub. Reports are coming in thick and fast from users saying their Samsung Smart TV Hub are not working today on 12 April 2016, where … [Read more...]

FIFA 16 Down for 6-Hour Maintenance April 7

FIFA 16 Down for 6-Hour Maintenance April 7 pic 1

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team servers are down due to a very long 6-hour maintenance, the servers went down at 6am this morning and will not come back online until around 12pm UK. This means all those on the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC will be left out in the dark for a while. If you visit … [Read more...]

Cox Internet Outage with Connection Error 3305 (504)

Cox Internet Outage with Connection Error 3305 (504)

Hundreds of customers are facing a few issues with a Cox Internet outage at the moment. Many of them are seeing an on-screen error message pop up - Is anyone getting a Cox Connection Error 3305 (504) message pop up when they try to access the Internet? The main areas of concern with the Cox … [Read more...]

Snapchat Server Down and Won’t Refresh Issues

Snapchat Server Down and Won’t Refresh Issues pic 2

Snapchat users are getting a little angry that the server is down and won’t refresh when prompting it to. Snapchat officials are well aware of the issue and looking into the problem as you read this. Are you having issues with Snapchat? Other issues are occurring where users are unable to do … [Read more...]

Hearthstone servers down due to maintenance frustrates gamers

Hearthstone Down for Maintenance

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft gamers are left feeling a little frustrated today because they are unable to access and play their beloved game. Today on March 30, 2016 players were well aware of a scheduled Battle.net maintenance, but when things were looking good they decided to extend the … [Read more...]

Cox Internet Outage and Webmail Down in Las Vegas, Phoenix

Cox Internet Outage and Webmail Down March 30

Many Cox Communications customers are coming forward saying they are having issues with a Cox Internet outage and that their webmail is down in Las Vegas and Phoenix areas. Other problems are occurring but mainly seem to be Internet and Webmail being the two main factors of issue. We visited … [Read more...]

Tinder Server Error with Facebook Login Cancelled

Tinder Server Error with Facebook Login Cancelled pic 1

There are a few issues tonight with the location-based dating application, there seems to be a Tinder server error with Facebook login being cancelled. Many users are seeing their login not working with a 'Facebook Login Cancelled' message when they try to access Tinder using their Facebook … [Read more...]

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Maintenance Feb 20 after Winter Transfers

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Maintenance Feb 20

It seems not so long after the new batch of Winter Transfers were made available things started to go a little wrong for those playing FIFA 16. However, from 11pm PT/7am UK a 5-hour FUT maintenance began. Over on the official FIFA Twitter page they did report that FUT would be down for … [Read more...]

Currys, PC World Websites are Down Today Feb 9

Currys, PC World Websites are Down Today Feb 9 pic 1

Both the Currys and PC World websites are down and have been for a fair few hours now, and customers are not too happy because there doesn’t seem to be any explanation as to why on official social media channels from the group. When you visit both of the websites you will see the same … [Read more...]

Twitter is down with error message

Twitter is down with error message pic 2

The heavily popular micro-blogging platform Twitter is down with an on-screen error message, both desktop and mobile are having issues. When you visit Twitter online you will see an error message saying, “Something is technically wrong. Thanks for noticing—we’re going to fix it up and have … [Read more...]