Healthy weight loss through social networking

Healthy weight loss through social networking

There are so many ways to lose weight, but according to new analysis by researchers people can actually shed the pounds through social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. There are many social networking programmes specifically designed to help those who wish to lose weight to help … [Read more...]

Xbox One social networking with Reddit

Xbox One social networking with Reddit

Reddit has beaten the likes of Facebook to the Xbox One for social networking, thanks to the new ReddX app. This is great news because it means those that own the gaming console will be able to browse the social networking site as well as voting any content without even moving away from it. The … [Read more...]

Using social media to promote your online tools

Using social media to promote your online tools

Social media is quickly becoming one of the most powerful and valuable ways of promoting a full range of online tools. It is most effective as it a way of getting your tools noticed, usually by means of someone referring your services or complimenting your tools. This kind of personal good … [Read more...]

Webcasts: Social Listening Future of Marketing & Gateway to Innovation

Webcasts- Social Listening Future of Marketing & Gateway to Innovation

There are two webcast’s on May that might be of interest, these cover The Future of Marketing Social Listening + Action and Social Listening Gateway to Innovation. The Future of Marketing Social Listening + Action webcast starts on Tuesday May 6, 2014 at 2:00 pm-3:00 pm ET. Conversations around … [Read more...]

Smoking cessation efforts helped by social networking

Smoking cessation efforts helped by social networking

Quitting Smoking has to be one of the hardest things to do if you have been doing it for years; some decide to quit smoking by using chewing gum, patches, and electronic cigarettes. However, there could be a new way to bin the smoking habit by turning to social networking. A new study has … [Read more...]

Decision time for kids using social media networks

Decision time for kids using social media networks

One of the hardest things for parents when it comes to social networking is “When is it right for them to start using?” this is one question that arises with many parents. Using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, Instagram, or Pinterest etc is very good indeed but there are also … [Read more...]

Audioboo social media network for visually impaired users

Audioboo social media network for visually impaired users

There are many social media sites out there but these rely mainly on text, photos and videos, but these are not great social sites if people are visually impaired. Facebook or Twitter for example are not great sites to use to interact with other users if you are blind or partially blind, this is … [Read more...]

Ways to Augment Registrations Using Social Login

Ways to Augment Registrations Using Social Login

Usually with online websites, what customers generally do is create an account with the website, login, interact with the site, purchase their favourite product and therefore become a lifetime member of the site. But, the question here is, how many of these customers would remember their login ids? … [Read more...]

New Facebook Emoticons shows Google+ Emotions similarities

New Facebook Emoticons surely Google plus Emotions copy

The new Facebook Emoticons is surely a Google+ Emotions copy, back on April 2 this year we talked about the new Google+ Emotions where account holders could choose icons that relate to a photo you uploaded, and now Facebook is following suit. The Facebook emoticons was recently activated where … [Read more...]

Wendy’s burger Twitter gameshow brings 33,000


Online social networking site Twitter is growing in user numbers by the day and since its launch back in 2006, it’s gained over 200 million. Users range from the everyday person through to some pretty big celebrity names. As well as following an individual(s) on the site and tweeting, it is being … [Read more...]

Twitter users chance to win new Galaxy Nexus, how?


Although news is still a little hazy in relation to Samsung’s new Galaxy Nexus and its US arrival, the UK will be receiving it on November 17th. The South Korean’s new smartphone that has intrigued many of us for the last few months is rumored to now be arriving stateside on November 21st. … [Read more...]

Remembrance Day 2011: Twitter engages everyone


Tomorrow, the world will hold a two-minute silence to remember those that lost their lives in wars past and present. Remembrance Day symbolized by the red poppy, will see many attending special memorials throughout the globe, this includes many sites across the Internet. … [Read more...]

Warning, Google+ Pages comes with conditions


Social networking greatness has of course been observed from sites such as Facebook and Twitter already, but we still wonder how Google’s new Google+ networking site will fair against its rivals? From time to time we update you with changes to the site as well as practical advice. On the 24th … [Read more...]

Twitter reacts to Red Arrows ejection fatality


The social networking site Twitter has today given tribute to two individuals who have passed away, the first reported on this morning of legendary boxer Joe Frazier, and the second that of Red Arrows pilot who today lost his life, when he was ejected from his Red Arrow flying machine whilst on the … [Read more...]

Baffled Facebook users, changes bring chaos


Although Facebook since its initial launch back in 2004, is growing in user numbers by the day and behind Google is the next searched for website, users are becoming increasingly frustrated by the changes made in relation to data security settings. … [Read more...]

Social media engages 700,000 Coca-Cola staff


Social media and its use is now becoming a popular tool for the individual and for organisations big or small. When we talk about social media, we are often referring to the use of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or even professional site LinkedIn and how their use can in the long … [Read more...]

Facebook fends off 600000 security attacks each day


For a time now, social networking sites such as Facebook have been criticized not just for the way in which they conduct their privacy constraints, but also for the sites in general being accessible to just about everybody. … [Read more...]

Twitter remembers Jimmy Savile 84


Thoughts today are with radio and TV’s Sir Jimmy Savile who passed away at the age of 84 after suffering from pneumonia, he was two days off celebrating his 85th birthday. … [Read more...]

Manchester United’s mauling kept Rio Ferdinand off Twitter


Manager of 25 years Alex Ferguson described Manchester United’s 6-1 defeat against Manchester City, as “the worst result in his history,” and that’s without the humiliation that fans would have felt at the time. Added to the shame, the side lost on their own turf. It was hoped that after their … [Read more...]

Krista Ford on Facebook ‘left the Toronto Triumph’


Toronto Triumph’s Captain and niece of Mayor Rob Ford “Kirsta Ford” has announced that she will be quitting from her present position. The Triumph’s, one of 12 US based Lingerie Football League teams and coincidentally the only LFL franchise in Canada, have already lost 22 out of 26 players … [Read more...]

Four intriguing social media marketing tools

Four intriguing social media marketing tools

There are so many ways in which you can plan for social media marketing for your business, but getting the right strategy can often be overwhelming. If you take your time and use the right tools, then things should go much more smoothly, so here we have four intriguing social media marketing … [Read more...]

Twitter accounts to follow: Funny, fictional and investors

Twitter accounts to follow- Funny, fictional and investors

With the increase in Twitter traffic we often wonder which are the best accounts to follow. There is a huge choice available to you from funny, fictional and even ones for investors. There are more than 30 here in a best off list, so we will look at what we think our readers will like the … [Read more...]

Google+ lacks traction, aims to change focus

Traction worries for Google+, aims to change focus

When Google+ was first launched we wondered what would be so different from their previous social offerings. However, it did not take long to learn that this new Plus service (which is its common name) was a vast improvement. The issue that Google had was only offering it as an invite only, but it … [Read more...]

Increasing social awareness for Spirit Day, purple your profile

Increasing social awareness for Spirit Day, Go Purple

Tomorrow is a day when Americans are asked to throw their support behind Spirit Day 2011, which is put in place to fight back against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youths who are victims of bullying. One of the best ways to support this is by increasing social awareness, which is just what … [Read more...]

Facebook passwords include favorite football teams


Online social networking site Facebook since its early days has now racked up over 800 million users and the figure is continually growing. One issue that crops up time and time again is that of privacy and how information at times has and is still falling into the wrong hands. … [Read more...]