Chia Hong vs Facebook in discrimination claims

Facebook is down for Time Warner Cable users

Facebook is being sued by plaintiff Chia Hong on the grounds of damages arising from sex dicrimination, discharge in violation of public police, sex harassment, race/national origin discrimination harassment, retaliation, as well as intentional infliction of emotional distress, injunctive relief for … [Read more...]

Facebook refund lawsuit after children spend on gaming

Facebook refund lawsuit after kids spend on gaming pic 3

Facebook is reportedly facing a class-action lawsuit where refunds from the social media platform for parents after their children spent their money on Facebook games without permission. The lawsuit is to do with children playing Facebook games where they spend money on in-game purchases by using … [Read more...]

Four plaintiffs vs LinkedIn on Reference Search

Four plaintiffs vs LinkedIn on Reference Search

Four plaintiffs have issued LinkedIn with a lawsuit on its ‘Reference Search’. Tracee Sweet, Tiffany Thomas, Lisa Jaramillo and James Ralston are suing because they lost out on employment opportunities because of the professional network. According to The New York Times the class-action lawsuit … [Read more...]

LinkedIn employment history lawsuit

LinkedIn employment history lawsuit

LinkedIn have been issued with a class-action lawsuit in California, the professional social network is being accused of violating federal consumer protection laws to do with employment history. The lawsuit suggests LinkedIn have violated users rights by selling employment history information to … [Read more...]

Twitter Transparency Report fight on government surveillance

Twitter Transparency Report fight on government surveillance main pic

Twitter are ready to fight in a federal court after filing a lawsuit so they can publish its own full Transparency Report, they are moving forward with this because the micro-blogging site were prohibited from reporting on the tangible extent of surveillance of Twitter users by the U.S. … [Read more...]

Google Plus vs Googabox in trademark infringement

Google Plus vs Googabox in trademark infringement

A lawsuit against Google has been filed by Andre Rossouw over social networking site Google Plus violating the GOOGABOX trademark, who also own the domain name The plaintiff owns the names GOOGABOX.COM and GOOGABOX, which were inspired by famous pop bands Matchbox and Goo-qoo dolls. … [Read more...]

LinkedIn customers right to pursue damages in email lawsuit

LinkedIn customers right to pursue damages in email lawsuit

LinkedIn are facing a lawsuit after it was reported the professional networking company accessed customers external email accounts, as well as downloading users contacts and addresses. LinkedIn violated customers’ privacy rights for marketing purposes, which means customers’ can now move on and … [Read more...]

LinkedIn responds to email hack allegations

LinkedIn responds to email hack allegations

LinkedIn is in the middle of a lawsuit set by four users claiming that their email accounts were accessed without permission, and they believe that the email hack harvested email addresses of their contacts. The four users filed the lawsuit in California about the email hack mentioned above, … [Read more...]

Samsung Set To Sour iPhone 5 Launch With Apple Lawsuit


It looks like Samsung is intending on crashing Apple's party, serving them with yet another lawsuit as soon as the iPhone 5 launches. The 2 tech giants have been trading blows for some time now, suing each other for patent infringement. Apple seems to be winning as they had the Galaxy tab and S II … [Read more...]

Sony Bring In New PSN Rules: Lawsuit Shield After Outage


After their horror story earlier this year, Sony has made changes to its PSN terms in an effort to avoid more nightmares. The Japanese tech giant as you know, was the victim of a serious hack attack which saw their online PlayStation Network Service outed for almost a month. Millions of personal … [Read more...]

Google Ready To Defend Jokers $500 Billion Lawsuit Claim


If you thought Facebook were having a bad time having to defend themselves from ridiculous lawsuits then you should see what Google has on their hands. A man named David Stebbins has made a crazy claim that the search engine giant owes him $500 billion! Stebbins decided to create his own terms of … [Read more...]

Motorola’s Xoom Joins Samsung & HTC On Apple’s Legal Hit List


Apple are not shy when it comes to defending what they believe is theirs, this being evident in the amount of their rivals they are dragging into the courtroom. Motorola now join Samsung and HTC in a legal battle with Apple, all of whom are being accused of patent infringement and intellectual … [Read more...]

Facebook Defeat Winklevoss Twins Yet Again In Legal Battle


Facebook has flexed its legal muscles again to knock away another petty legal challenge from the Winklevoss twins. You may be aware of this long running saga from 2010's movie, The Social Network. The brothers and their business partner claim that Mark Zuckerberg stole their idea when creating … [Read more...]

Apple Win HTC Patent Ruling: Shares Fall 7%


We brought you the news recently that Apple had filed a complaint against HTC to the international trade commission over a number of patent infringements. A ruling has been made in Apple's favor and it seems that HTC will now have to compensate Steve Jobs and co. Apple recently lost a ruling … [Read more...]

Apple Point The Finger At HTC In Yet Another Legal Scrap


Apple are at it again, no sooner have they just had to pay up Nokia for a patent infringement of their own, they are now having another pop at smartphone rival HTC. Steve Jobs and co also have a running battle with Samsung over a separate patent battle, so they are really fighting the competition … [Read more...]

Winklevoss Twins Back With A Fresh Facebook Lawsuit


Some things are just too good to be true! We reported to you last week that the Winklevoss twins had finally given up on their quest to get more money from Facebook, but a few days on and they have launched a fresh lawsuit to get the money they are convinced they are owed. … [Read more...]

Winklevoss Twins Quit Facebook Legal Battle


Over the past few months we have been keeping you up to date with the Winklevoss twins legal claim against Facebook. We saw how they were refused more money by a judge and then how they even came back again to try and land another wad of cash that they believe they are owed. … [Read more...]

Apple iPad 3 & iPhone 5: Samsung Rejected Viewing


Many of you will have been following the Apple vs. Samsung court battle that’s going on at the moment. If you haven’t then here’s a quick bit of background… Apple has taken Samsung to court over a patent infringement, and then they managed to force Samsung to show their unreleased products that they … [Read more...]

Apple Owes Nokia A Fortune After Patent License Deal


At the end of every lawsuit is normally a settlement and after so many new ones being filed recently we finally have the end of one. Nokia's battle with Apple is finally at an end as the 2 companies signed a patent license agreement. … [Read more...]

ISYS Sue Google Over “Chromebook” Name Infringement


Google are facing a lawsuit from tech company ISYS over the naming of their "Chromebook" system. ISYS believes that this name infringes the name of their product, the "ChromiumPC". … [Read more...]

Facebook Fight Back Against “Con Artist” Ceglia


Facebook's long legal battle with Paul Ceglia continues as the social networking giant has filed a legal motion against the claimant. Ceglia a convicted felon and woodchip salesman is demanding half of the billion dollar company which he believes he is entitled to. … [Read more...]

PayPal Serve Google Lawsuit After Stealing Digital Wallet Idea


Last week Google unveiled their NFC for Android feature which lets you use your smartphone as a means of payment. The revolutionary new technology has already hit the rocks as PayPal has stepped out and claimed that NFC has their stolen idea. … [Read more...]

Facebook Prepare To Do Legal Battle With 50% Claimant


Facebook are preparing themselves to fight off an audacious lawsuit which is asking for half the company. … [Read more...]

Apple Force Samsung To Hand Over Unreleased Models To Courts


The vicious legal battle between Apple and Samsung has been taken a step further after it was revealed that unreleased smartphones and tablets had to be handed over to a federal court. … [Read more...]

Developer Takes Winklevoss Twins To Court


As the use of social networking site Facebook grows from strength to strength so does its value, by next spring it’s estimated to be worth in excess of $100 billion. With a huge valuation like this it’s no wonder the company seems to be constantly in court battling would be claimants. … [Read more...]