Rebecca Black’s YouTube Video Passes 100 Million Hits!


There is one video in particular which has been causing a real stir on YouTube over the past month and I am sure u know which I am talking about. Rebecca Black's music video Friday has been one of the most viewed and talked about videos in YouTube history, recently surpassing 100 million viewings! … [Read more...]

Justin Bieber’s HeartStrings Pulled By Blind “Jasmin” On YouTube


Video sharing site YouTube has and is still proving a popular way for people to upload, share and view videos. Many people that access the site can find content from recent and past TV clips, sporting events, music videos of their favorite pop stars and the occasional amateur clip thrown in for … [Read more...]

Tempest Free Running Academy: YouTube Video Goes Viral


When it comes to entertaining videos that are on YouTube OSM is one of the places to be as we tend to report on the best of them. Some of the ones we have brought you include the Epic Rap Battles of History, the young Japanese Messi and of course Shawn Michaels receiving his Hall of Fame ring in the … [Read more...]

YouTube Introduces Live Streaming


YouTube is the number 1 site for video sharing with anything and everything available for your viewing pleasure. It was coming and now YouTube finally has live streaming so that users can put on live shows for any viewers around the globe who are interested. … [Read more...]

YouTube Sees Out-Of-Control Tractor Causing Havoc At Walmart


Online video sharing site YouTube as the majority of us are aware, is used mainly for uploading, sharing and then viewing of video content, and was initially set up back in 2005 by three former PayPal employees. As the site grows by the day in terms of popularity, it is now being used as a way for … [Read more...]

YouTube Seek Man’s Killers: Rio Ferdinand Heartfelt Appeal


Video site YouTube is growing in popularity and since its arrival in 2005, it now sees millions of viewers every day. The site offers the facility to share, upload and view content and as well as companies using YouTube to promote their brands, many individuals have taken to the site to show off … [Read more...]

Justin Bieber Double Takes To YouTube But Its A Girl

justin bieber

Founded back in 2005, viral video site YouTube is growing in popularity and is used by not just individuals trying to share, create, upload and view videos but for companies trying to promote brands. Today its the turn of music celebrity Justin Bieber taking to the site or is it? … [Read more...]

Mortal Kombat 2011: New YouTube Series - Trailer Released


Anyone who is a video game fan will have heard of Mortal Kombat, it is a game that has been around for some time and was first made popular in arcades, on the Sega Megadrive and the Super Nintendo. It combined brilliant character stories and brutal combat against the computer or your friends … [Read more...]

Best Of A Normal Day: Astonishing YouTube Video Goes Viral


At OSM we like to bring you the videos that pull in a whole heap of views and tell you all about them. Some of the ones we have seen recently include the young Japanese Messi, a fan video of a fake Angry Birds movie and of course Shawn Michaels receiving his hall of fame ring from Vince McMahon … [Read more...]

Miami Heat LeBron James Hits YouTube With Animated Kids Series


Many of you are aware of American basketball player LeBron James, but did any of you know that “King James” as he's nicknamed has expanded his many other talents to video site YouTube? As well as playing for Miami Heat, appearing in TV shows including Entourage and Saturday Night Live, the famous … [Read more...]

Japanese Messi YouTube Hit: Who is the Talented Mystery Boy?


We all know how many professional sportsmen like to use Twitter and only yesterday told how Rio Ferdinand had leapt to Wayne Rooney’s defence on Twitter after Rooney’s swearing outburst was caught on camera. Today’s football Twitter story is about Lionel Messi’s former coach, who it seems spotted a … [Read more...]

Angry Birds Viral Video: Fake Movie Trailer Storms YouTube


Here at OSM we bring you as much of the latest news on topics like YouTube virals and Angry Birds as possible. Today we have a post which contains both of these things, and it is really ruffling some feathers. … [Read more...]

WrestleMania 27 YouTube Video: Shawn Michaels HoF


YouTube videos are constantly being uploaded and a small percentage of them go viral. Some of the ones that we have seen recently include the latest in the series of the Epic Rap Battles of History, a song about Facebook stalkers and of course Zidane the greatest footballer ever annihilating a young … [Read more...]

YouTube Babies Chatting Viral Video: Gripping Conversation


Here at OSM, every now and then we like to bring you news of funny, strange or entertaining YouTube videos that have gone viral. Recently for example we’ve told of the Epic Rap Battles of History 7, and one about a lad called Casey who was being bullied but fought back. Today’s YouTube viral video … [Read more...]

YouTube Steps Back In Time To 1911: Happy April Fool’s Day 2011


April Fool's Day 2011 has arrived today with no doubt many of you playing practical jokes on your friends, loved ones or work colleagues. The day which is celebrated around the globe is now widely recognized as a day to “have a laugh” with those closest to you, and if you head on over to Wikipedia … [Read more...]

Epic Rap Battles Of History 7: Latest YouTube Viral Video


We at OSM have reported on quite a few videos from YouTube that have gone viral such as the world’s greatest footballer Zidane toying with a young goalkeeper, Emerson the baby who is scared of his Mom’s nose being blown and of course the Apple iPad 2 featuring in an episode of ‘Will It’ Blend.’ … [Read more...]

Facebook Creeping: A Song About Facebook Stalkers


Facebook is the largest social network in the world at this moment in time and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be challenged for that title anytime soon. There are sweeping changes hitting the site to do with Deals, Locations and of course the launching of their new ‘Questions’. Now we have … [Read more...]

Lady Gaga’s Birthday: Twitter Milestone of 9 Million Followers


Lady Gaga is undoubtedly not just a singing superstar but also the biggest star in the social networking world. Today, March 28, is Lady Gaga’s birthday when she becomes 25 and what better way to celebrate than reaching a Twitter milestone and becoming the first person to have 9 million followers … [Read more...]

YouTube & Small Businesses: Marketing Made Good, Mistakes Quashed


In this day and age, to have any chance of standing out from the crowd and getting the full engagement needed from potential customers, advertising and marketing tactics have to be put in place and used in the correct manner. We have heard how social networking sites are now being used for not only … [Read more...]

Zidane The Greatest Player Ever Destroys Goalkeeper: Now Viral


We at OSM love to bring you the best videos that are hitting YouTube, all of the ones that bring you have one thing in common and that is their popularity, they are all Viral. Some of the ones that we have seen so far include the little baby Emerson being scared of his mom blowing her nose and a guy … [Read more...]

Earth Hour Twitter & Facebook: Social Media Joins In & Video


Today is March 26 2011, and that means Earth Hour. If you’re unaware of Earth Hour it’s an annual initiative across the globe that seeks to make people more aware of the environment and climate change. It’s taken place every year since 2007 and at 8:30 pm local time tonight individuals, businesses … [Read more...]

Social Media & the Royal Wedding: Twitter, YouTube & Flickr


When Prince William got engaged to Kate Middleton and we heard that the Royal Wedding would take place on April 29, 2011, it seemed like quite some time away and yet now there’s only just over a month until the big day. We often note how social media is having a growing impact on our lives and it … [Read more...]

Facebook Tops 2010’s Most Searched For Brands List


We are all well aware of the strength Facebook has when it comes to social networking and we just thought we would reiterate this with another stat. In 2010 Facebook was the most searched for brand on the entire internet, beating the likes of Amazon, YouTube and eBay. … [Read more...]

Facebook & YouTube Take Part In Sony Ecrisson Tennis Star Campaign


As we near the biggest tennis event of the year, millions will be glued to every aspect of the game from TV to online updates. Wimbledon brings excitement to many that follow the game of tennis. … [Read more...]