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Category: Tech

Apple iCloud Announced at WWDC 2011: Details Revealed

[ 0 ] June 6, 2021

If you’re a tech enthusiast you’ll already know that today saw the beginning of Apple’s WWDC 2011 and the keynote speech from Steve Jobs is not long over. We’ve been waiting to bring you the news and so far have told you about the new Mac OS X Lion and asked if you’ll be upgrading…

Apple New Mac OS X Lion: Will You Be Upgrading?

[ 2 ] June 6, 2021

Just a short time ago, we gave you updated news about the new Mac OS X Lion OS, courtesy of Apple‘s WWDC in San Francisco. As well as this, the giant tech company have announced the iOS 5 with deep Twitter integration, iCloud and so on.

Apple Mac OS X Lion: Official Details & Release, Your Thoughts

[ 0 ] June 6, 2021

The Apple Worldwide Developer Conference has now got underway and news is coming in thick and fast. With some 5,200 present attendees and over 120 sessions, 100 hands on labs and 1,000 Apple engineers on hand, we can now give you updated news on Mac OS X Lion software.

Microsoft Kinect: The Power Of Voice Control Shown At E3 2011

[ 0 ] June 6, 2021

For those of you who are proud Microsoft Xbox 360 and Kinect owners things are only getting better. The war of the consoles is certainly heating up as we have entered the major event in the gaming calendar, E3 2011

Nintendo Wii 2 Rumored Name Change To “Nintendo”

[ 0 ] June 6, 2021

Keen gamers will know that E3 2011 is due to get underway tomorrow (June 7th), and with it, we will no doubt be hearing news of Nintendo’s next Wii gaming console, Sony’s NGP, possible news of PS4, gaming titles and so on. If we turn our attention to Nintendo‘s new Wii gaming console, another rumor…

WWDC 2011 Live Streaming: Failed Expectations But Wait

[ 0 ] June 6, 2021

With many of us poised as to what will be announced at Apple’s WWDC 2011 in just a few hours time, the question is where will you be watching the action? Yesterday we gave you news of some websites giving live blogs of the event, which will transpire with photos, live updates and so on….

Steve Jobs & iSteve Biography: Amazon Taking Pre-Orders Now

[ 0 ] June 6, 2021

Today is a huge day for Apple, the giant tech company, as Apple’s WWDC 2011 begins with Steve Jobs due to make the keynote speech later on and many people waiting to see what new Apple innovations we will hear about over the next week. It’s also a big day for Steve Jobs on a…

Lulz Security Hack On Nintendo: Bad News Ahead of E3 2011

[ 0 ] June 6, 2021

Hacking is becoming quite a problem in the world of gaming, it was really pulled to the front page when Sony was hit pretty badly with the PSN outage and they had to entirely rebuild the infrastructure which isn’t good. With that being the case Maddy Rowe of OSM reported yesterday that Nintendo is now…

WWDC 2011 Mac OS X Lion: Meaning & Release Date

[ 0 ] June 6, 2021

With just a matter of hours to go until Apple’s WWDC event kicks off in San Francisco, we can tell you that the rumors are still as rife as ever on the internet. Over the last few days, we have given you food for thought, with what may and may not be announced later on…

Apple WWDC 2011 & Steve Jobs Keynote: Odds for Expectations

[ 0 ] June 6, 2021

If you’re a tech enthusiast you’ll already know that today sees the start of one of the biggest and most-anticipated events of the year, Apple’s WWDC 2011, running from June 6 to June 10. There is the usual speculation about just what we might hear announced at todays keynote speech coming from Steve Jobs himself,…

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