Google Wave: The Complete Guide


Google Wave is already taking the Internet by storm – it had got of to a poor start with a number of problems, but these have now been rectified. While attending the Social Media World Forum I had heard someone say how big Google Wave will become – there seems to be no stopping the search engine … [Read more...]

Google Wave Extensions: Gallery Unveiled

Google Wave Extensions- Gallery Unveiled

Google aims to offer you the best features with their Google Wave program, this is evident with these latest extensions gallery. For those who have not given Wave a go yet – you are missing out on a browser-based app that is something in middle of an email with IM, throwing in document sharing for … [Read more...]

New Apple iPad vs. Kindle: Market Share Threat

New Apple iPad vs. Kindle- Market Share Threat

We can always rely on ChangeWave to offer us a survey just as an important piece of technology is about to be released, which is just what they have done when asking 3,171 consumers about the upcoming Apple iPad. They had asked them if interest with the new tablet device was still high? … [Read more...]

Email Notifications For Google Wave

Email Notifications For Google Wave

Google Wave has been around for longer than we had first assumed, and the search engine giant has finally got around to turning on email notifications. This feature gives the user the choice of getting email notifications hourly or daily. … [Read more...]

Sony’s iPad Competitor: PSP Phone

Sony's iPad Competitor- PSP Phone

Sony are thought to be working on a new gaming device and handset rolled into one, the PSP phone. The consumer electronics giant have certainly set themselves a hard target, and that is to compete with not only the Apple iPhone but the upcoming iPad as well. … [Read more...]

Apple iPad Apps: Wall Street Journal iPad Edition

Apple iPad Apps- Wall Street Journal iPad Edition

Apple as always have not been offering many details about its iPad and who they will be partnering with, but we can tell you that the Wall Street Journal will be just one app available for the tablet device. The latest Apple gadget should be released later this month, so we will have first hand … [Read more...]

Web Developers: 10 Popular Firefox Add-ons

Web Developers- 10 Popular Firefox Add-ons

One of the most popular web browsers is Firefox, which I have been using for years. I know that Google Chrome and Safari are much faster now, but I have got used to the features and add-ons that Mozilla offer. Web-developers also agree with me, but what are the 10 most popular add-ons for them. … [Read more...]

Facebook and Twitter: Free iPad Scam Explained

Facebook and Twitter- Free iPad Scam Explained

For those of you who believe that you have a chance to win a free Apple iPad, then we are afraid to say that this is all part of a scam. Those who entered via Facebook and Twitter were asked to become a tester for the new tablet device, but instead of winning an iPad you have actually signed up for … [Read more...]

Sony Playstation’s Twitter Reports PS3 Network Down: PSN Corrupted


It would not be the first time that the Sony Playstation Network has gone down, but Twitter has gone crazy over the last 24-hours thanks to a worldwide PSN outage. PC World is reporting that the PS3 Network is both down and “Corrupted”. Reports say that this is preventing offline play across the … [Read more...]

HTML5 vs. Adobe Flash: Interesting Poll Results

html5 vs. flash

The tension between Apple and Adobe has been increasing week on week, and it reached an all time high in the last few weeks. This was helped when Apple unveiled details of their iPad/Tablet device, which made it clear that Flash was not on the menu. Apple has made it clear that they feel Flash is … [Read more...]