Twitter Founder Talks China


It seems as though Twitter will definitely be going to China at some point, according to news coming from a New York panel discussion. Apparently during the debates Twitter creator, Jack Dorsey, speaking to Chinese artist and activist, Ai Weiwei, promised that China would eventually get its own … [Read more...]

Day 2: Social Media World Forum 2010


Today is day 2 of the Social Media World Forum 2010 and will take a close look at the key role of Social Media monetization. This includes how to generate opportunities and revenues for advertisers when it comes to Social Networks. … [Read more...]

London: Social Media World Forum – Speakers

Social Media World London - Social Media World Forum – Speakers

The Social Media World Forum begins tomorrow, March 15 and will run until March 16 in London, UK. For those attending you will get to learn all there is about social media – yes this is more than just Facebook and Twitter. … [Read more...]

Google Maps: New Twitter Plugin

Google Maps- New Twitter Plugin

Twitter have certainly moved up a gear when it comes to offering a better service to its users – this is evident with the recent inclusion of a Google Maps plugin. The new feature will be applied each time you Tweet somebody, this is according to a report from Only Kent. … [Read more...]

Most Popular Club on Twitter


The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood is now the number one club on Twitter, with over 26,000 devotees. What a contrast to less than 5 years ago, when the club was fading, along with many others on Sunset Strip. … [Read more...]

Facebook Panic Button: Protecting Kids

Facebook Panic Button- Protecting Kids

Facebook had said a few months back that they were considering installing a panic button – the mother of murdered English teen Ashleigh Hall is now asking the social networking site to do so now. The mother wishes Facebook to offer a link to Child Exploitation Online Protection Unit (CEOP). … [Read more...]

Stats: The Average Twitter User

Stats- The Average Twitter User

Barracuda Labs has been studying how Twitter comes up with its stats – the results show that the users are not very active. In the study the security firm looked at the 19 million or so ~Twitter accounts to try to understand how these users use the micro-blogging service. … [Read more...]

Twitter Phishing Attacks and Hacked Accounts - Trust And Safety

Twitter Phishing Attacks and Hacked Accounts - Trust And Safety

Twitter users have been coming under phishing attacks for some time now, but the micro-blogging website has begun their fight back. Twitter users will certainly be happy about this news – but what have they got planned to combat this very serious problem? … [Read more...]

Facebook Location to Launch Next Month: Addresses Privacy Issues

Facebook Location to Launch Next Month- Addresses Privacy Issues

We have known for some time that Facebook were to move into Location, and is to officially launch next month at their developers conference. This new feature will be incorporated in two ways – sharing locations and allowing APIs to allow other apps from other social media sites to offer the service … [Read more...]

Social Media Tips: Twitter

Social Media Tips- Twitter

To many people Twitter is seen as a major part of their life, and the social networking site is like a living thing and needs feeding with content to say alive. The more that you put into it the more you will get back - here are ten tips for you to build your community. … [Read more...]

Facebook post stops Israeli raid

Facebook post stops Israeli raid

A raid was planned by Israeli military officials on a West Bank village, but had to be called off as one of their combat soldiers decided to go on his Facebook profile and post details of the plan. The Register said that this is according to recent news reports. … [Read more...]

Twitter Hits The Magical Threshold: 10 Billion Tweets

Twitter Hits The Magical Threshold- 10 Billion Tweets

We reported a couple of days ago that Twitter would reach 10 billion Tweets; well we can report that the social networking site has achieved this great milestone. Mashable had been keeping an eye on the count by using Gigatweet’s counter, but that service went down due to high volume traffic. … [Read more...]

Parents want teacher contact via social media networks

Parents want teacher contact via social media networks

When it comes to Parents and teachers communicating with each, it is no secret that things are a little formal, which is why both parties would like to use social media networks. This will results in less formal situation, making it much easier for both to communicate. … [Read more...]

Twitter Tweets Per Day Increasing: 10 billion tweets reached

Twitter Tweets Per Day Increasing- 10 billion tweets reached

Twitter seems to be reaching milestones much quicker these days, last year the micro-blog reached 1 billion Tweets, four months ago that number stood at 5 billion. Now Tweets have reached an amazing 10 billion, which they should reach at some point tomorrow. … [Read more...]

Facebook Revenue In 2010: Maybe $1 billion

Facebook Revenue In 2010- Maybe $1 billion

Much has been spoken about when it comes to Facebook, but who would have thought that it would turn into a company turning over between $1 billion and $1.1 billion by the end of the year. This is the figure that Mashable are discussing, much larger than the Wall Street estimate of $710 million a few … [Read more...]

Social Media Marketing and Data Analysis

Social Media Marketing and Data Analysis

Social Media is used for more than just sharing things with your friends, many companies are able to gain access and then build a dossier up on you, the user. Nothing is done illegal; all the information gathered is built up from what you share on Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other similar websites. … [Read more...]

Twitter Location API: Raffi Krikorian promises better support

Twitter Location API- Raffi Krikorian promises better support

We already know that Twitter Location API is available and supports places, but not many of us knew that it only supports latitude and longitude. This is ideal to tell you where you are in the world, but not down to specific buildings and establishments. However, Raffi Krikorian has promised better … [Read more...]

Twitter used to broaden student participation

Twitter used to broaden student participation

There is no denying how hard professors have it when it comes to teaching more than 200 plus students at a time. One of the biggest problems is how the lecture halls are designed. Like a downward sloping cone. This has forced the professors to turn to social media website Twitter for the solution. … [Read more...]

Twitter Tells Chile Earthquake Story

Twitter Tells Chile Earthquake Story

The news of the earthquake in Chile that measured a magnitude-8.8 has been spreading around social media network sites at a surprising rate. The event took place early yesterday morning and there were fears that a Tsunami could take place in the Pacific Ocean. … [Read more...]