General Election 2010: The first campaigns to use Social Media


This time around the General Election will be more affected by social and media than ever before, with it having an influence all its own, on politics today. The election campaigns being presently crafted by creative and media agencies will be very different from the campaigns of the past as … [Read more...]

TV debate,”Ask the Chancellors” moving with the times via Facebook & Twitter


Tomorrow will see a live television debate between Alastair Darling, current Chancellor, and 2 opposing would-be chancellors. The three have agreed to a no-holds-barred confrontation in contrast to the leaders debates which have been planned, which have strict limitations and rules. … [Read more...]

Twitter & Facebook controversy for Scott Brown & Rachel Maddows

It seems that Twitter and Facebook are the cause of a controversy that’s built up between media personality Rachel Maddow and Senator Scott Brown. Speculation of Maddow launching a challenge against Brown surfaced largely it seems because of Facebook and Twitter rumors, leading Brown to send a … [Read more...]

Sarah Palin’s 2010 Election Hit List on Facebook and Twitter

Sarah Palin’s 2010 Election Hit List on Facebook and Twitter

Social Media has become a part of not only everyday life, but politics as well – just ask Sarah Palin. It seems that the former governor of Alaska has taken to Facebook and Twitter to make it known who is on her political hit list for the 2010 elections. … [Read more...]

Facebook Rebellion After Cider Tax

News of the Budget 2010 comes about how it has created a cider rebellion on Facebook. There was a huge 10% plus inflation duty rise on cider while other alcoholic beverages such as wine and beer faced only a 2% increase. … [Read more...]

Budget March 2010: Social media and politics - What a team!


If you’ve ever wondered when social media would come into its own regarding politics, wonder no more. Today with the Budget 2010 we saw a real example of how the two can come together, and it’s just a taste of what’s to come with the forthcoming General Election. … [Read more...]

Republican challenger’s Facebook from 250 fans to 18,000 in 48 hours

With the remarkable passing of the Health Care Reform Bill on Sunday night it seems that parties on both sides are now attempting to make the most of the fever-pitch of interest that surrounded it, including new candidates looking to make themselves known using sites such as Facebook. … [Read more...]

PM Kevin Rudd is a winner, declares Twitter

Kevin Rudd is a winner, at least according to social networking group Twitter. In the run-up to the federal election in Australia it was time for the first debate and it resulted in the people leaping onto their computers to express their support for Rudd, via Twitter. … [Read more...]

What about digital electioneering? Twitter and the Cash Gordon story


It seems the digital election has really taken off now after news that the ‘Cash Gordon’ Twitter was hacked into and re-directed to Labour UK. However it now seems that some of the hacking went a little too far, or not depending on your viewpoint, when some of the website’s visitors were re-directed … [Read more...]