Twitter CEO Appointed to Obama’s Advisory Committee


Here at OSM we’ve written many articles recently about the growing influence of social media on politics. for example Tim Pawlenty and Newt Gingrich announcing presidential bids on Facebook, social media and the Obama campaign and most recently how the White House has launched a rapid response … [Read more...]

White House Social Media Rapid Response Twitter Feed Launched


We’ve written several times recently about the growing impact and use of social media with politics, including posts on presidential campaign bids being launched on Twitter or Facebook by Newt Gingrich and Tim Pawlenty and how social media might help the campaigns of President Obama and Ron Paul. … [Read more...]

Taliban Propaganda and Social Media: First English Tweet

Social media is being progressively used all over the world and for all sorts of uses and we recently reported on social media’s role in the Egyptian protests, how internet access had been shut down in Libya, and also told about Tunisia’s so-called ‘Twitter Revolution.’ Today we have news about the … [Read more...]

Newt Gingrich & Presidental Bid: Announced on Facebook & Twitter


Here at OSM we’ve been noting the growing use and impact of social media in politics for some time. The Presidential bid for 2012 is really heating up now and today we have news that Newt Gingrich, former House of Representatives Speaker, has announced his presidential bid, and he did so using … [Read more...]

Ron Paul and How Twitter and Facebook Could Help Campaign


Ron Paul is one of those names in American politics that provokes a big response, whichever side of the fence you’re on. Love him or loathe him you can’t ignore him and today we heard that Paul is about to launch a presidential exploratory committee after he spoke about his plans on Fox News last … [Read more...]

Political Election Issues and Social Media: 1 in 5 Discuss


Here at OSM we’ve noticed the growing use and impact of social media, especially so over the last year. We looked at how the youth of today engage more in politics through social media, and recently told of the launch of President Obama’s 2012 Campaign and how social media will be prominently used … [Read more...]

Obama Campaign 2012: Facebook TownHall Live Stream


Earlier this week we brought you news that Barack Obama had launched his 2012 presidential campaign with a YouTube video and told how social media is set to have a real impact on campaigning this time around. Now we hear news that President Obama is to hold a Facebook TownHall. … [Read more...]

Barack Obama 2012 Campaign: Social Media Significance

Here at OSM we’ve noted over the last year, the growing use of social media campaigning in politic. In President Obama’s State of the Union Address he actually mentioned Facebook and Google and Tim Pawlenty recently launched a presidential exploratory committee using Facebook. Now we have news for … [Read more...]

Pawlenty Presidential Exploratory Committee Announced On Facebook

At OSM we have often reported on the growing use of social networking and social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, in politics. Just recently we've told how the Prime Minister's Office in Japan has launched an English-Language Twitter account for quake updates and we also told how Twitter … [Read more...]

Prime Minister’s Office Japan & Twitter English Quake Updates


Since the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan this week we’ve been bringing you social media news about the situation, such as how Facebook Causes is helping out and also how tweets from Tokyo just after the quake hit, reached a record 1,200 per minute. Now we have news of how the … [Read more...]

Twitter Libel Case: Local Politics Sees Former Mayor Fined


We’ve all heard of instances where people have said the wrong things on Twitter or Facebook and lived to regret it, but did you know that you could be open to libel charges for things you say on Twitter. Well that’s certainly the case and in Britain the first person to be fined for libel for … [Read more...]

Egyptian Revolution: Book to Tell the Story Through Tweets


Here at OSM we’ve been following the recent unrest, uprisings and revolutions spreading across the Middle East and Africa and earlier today we told readers about an Al Jazeera Twitter Dashboard that has been set up to keep people up-to-date with events going on in Egypt, Libya, Bahrain and Yemen. … [Read more...]

Al Jazeera Twitter Uprising and Revolution Dashboard

We’ve been following the recent uprisings across the Middle East and Africa and reported on the Tunisian Twitter revolution, and the unrest in Egypt. Libya, Bahrain and Yemen are also countries where major developments are taking place now and in fact there is so much going on it can be difficult … [Read more...]

Facebook & Twitter Help Youth of Today to Engage in Politics


Here at OSM we’ve often noted the growing impact of social media on politics and have said that more and more people are engaging with politics because of this. Now we have news of a report that seems to confirm this and looks at how sites such as Facebook and Twitter are leading more young people … [Read more...]

Sir Steve Jobs? Knighthood Request Was Rejected


It has recently come to light that Apple CEO Steve Jobs attempted to get a knighthood; however it was snubbed after he declined to speak at a Labour party conference. … [Read more...]

Egypt Protests & Social Media: Film Project Using Twitter & YouTube


Most people will be aware of the recent protests and demonstrations in Egypt which finally lead to President Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubarak standing down but some of you may not be aware of how much social media played a part in the uprising. Now a filmmaker, who noted what a huge part social media … [Read more...]

Libya Protests: Internet Access Shut Down as Unrest Grows


The world is a changing place at the moment and social media and its use is playing a very big part in that. Following on from the recent unrest in Tunisia and then also Egypt where the Internet was shut down to try to curb the spread of protests and demonstrations, now the people of Libya have … [Read more...]

WikiLeaks Activists and Twitter Data: Hearing set about dispute


If you are a regular reader here at OSM you’ll have noticed that we’ve been closely following the WikiLeaks saga including its founder Julian Assange’s fight against extradition to Sweden and also about WikiLeaks supporters hacking major company websites. … [Read more...]

‘Anonymous’ Hackers Strike Again: This time Egyptian government


Recently we’ve been giving you lots of news about the protests in Egypt and our most recent posts after the Internet was blocked there, were about how people were finding ways around the ban and lack of access to social networking sites, and then yesterday we told how the Internet had been at last … [Read more...]

Egypt Protests: Internet partly restored - not Twitter & Facebook


Here at OSM we’ve brought you many articles about the ongoing protests in Egypt and our most recent posts include a story about access to the Internet being bIocked, a request for social media help in reporting the situation and then yesterday a report on how social media companies were finding ways … [Read more...]

Google’s $5 Million on Lobbyists: Privacy advocates worried


We have recently noted the growing impact of social media upon politics and two weeks ago reported on the fact that Google was protecting its interests by using lobbying in California to oppose a Social Network Privacy act. Now we’ve seen some news that illustrates exactly how seriously Google is … [Read more...]

Egypt Protests: Social media help needed as Al-Jazeera office closed


We’ve been bringing you the news from Egypt about the growing protests and the social media aspects of this, such as first Twitter being blocked and then the whole Internet being blocked where we asked if this was now a human rights issue. … [Read more...]

YouTube video from 8-year-old spells it out to Egypt’s President Mubarek


We’ve been following the news about the protests in Egypt and recently reported how Twitter had been blocked in Egypt. Then just yesterday we told how the Internet had now also been blocked in the country and how President Mubarek was being urged to restore access to it for the people. … [Read more...]

Egypt Protests: Government urged to restore Internet to the people


Recently we have been reporting on the growing unrest in Egypt and social media connections to that. Back in November before parliamentary elections we told how some popular Facebook pages opposing the government in Egypt had been removed and then just 2 days ago reported how popular social … [Read more...]

State of the Union Address and Social Web Statistics

On Tuesday we heard the State of the Union address from President Obama and we had previously given details of a YouTube live appearance by the President, scheduled for today (Thursday). Yesterday we also reported on how President Obama included mentions of Google and Facebook in the speech and … [Read more...]