Don Randall MP, found dead in car

Don Randall MP, found dead in car pic 1

Don Randall, WA Federal Liberal MP was found dead in a car near the Boddington Golf Course 130km south of Perth. People have already taken to Twitter to pay their respects to him. 62 year-old Randall was found in his car at the local football oval, police are still investigating to find out if … [Read more...]

Politicians - there’s more to life than Facebook

Politicians - there's more to life than Facebook pic 3

A new angle on the use of social media in the run up to the election can be found via a new online platform. Streetlife is basically in simple terms the local social network that connects users within their communities. Hey Politicians - is there more to life than Facebook? The majority of … [Read more...]

President Obama updates Twitter with weekly address video

President Obama updates Twitter with weekly address video pic 3

President Barack Obama has just updated his Twitter account @BarackObama, showing a new video uploaded onto The White House YouTube channel today January 31, 2015. The video is titled, ‘Weekly Address: A Path Towards a Thriving Middle Class’. This video sees Barack Obama explaining the progress … [Read more...]

Mitt Romney halts 2016 presidential run

Mitt Romney halts 2016 presidential run pic 3

Mitt Romney has decided to halt his 2016 presidential run, because he wants to give other leaders in the ‘Party’ the chance to become the next nominee. The 2012 GOP presidential candidate and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has decided to step down and not run for president in 2016, … [Read more...]

Gunmen kidnap Yemen President’s COS Mubarak, no ransom

Gunmen kidnap Yemen President's COS Mubarak, no ransom pic 3

Gunmen have kidnapped Yemen President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi’s chief of staff, which comes after an official said Shiite militiamen are in control of the capital. Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak was kidnapped by gunmen in Sanaa on Saturday, after he recently declined a position as prime minister after … [Read more...]

European Election 2014 where political parties stand

European Election 2014 where political parties stand

Today, polling stations across the UK will open for the European election. But it’s really hard to cut through the party political bickering to get to the real facts about where the parties stand on actual issues! No matter what your politics are - the European election gives us a chance to … [Read more...]

Thailand Army declares martial law and social media suspension

Thailand Army declares martial law and social media suspension

Thailand's armed forces have declared martial law and reports said they want to suspend all online and social media deemed inflammatory. They are asking for cooperation from these entities to censor any messages leading to unrest or statements critical of the army's operations. Events were … [Read more...]

Ron Paul for 2012 President: Twitter and Facebook support

Ron Paul for 2012 President- Twitter and Facebook support

Politics is not our strong suit, but we have to admire how Ron Paul goes about his campaign to become president in 2012. No other candidate is able to use social media to the same affect as he, but can anyone win the election 140 characters at a time? Well, that’s a good question, one that is a … [Read more...]

Amazon GovCloud for US Government: Cloud Services Launched


Although Microsoft and Google both offer cloud services that fit with federal requirements, that hasn’t stopped Amazon climbing on board and yesterday the company announced GovCloud, cloud storage services for the U.S. government. The services will be used by US government users and contractors and … [Read more...]

President Obama Checks In to Foursquare: Track Campaigning


Here at OSM we are increasingly noticing the influence of social media on politics and only yesterday posted an article on US politics and its 5-year history with YouTube. President Barack Obama is no stranger to social media and back in June we told how he had now joined Twitter and before that he … [Read more...]

US Politics - 5 Years of YouTube Impact and History


Here at OSM we often give you details of interesting infographics with recent examples including one on American identity according to social media and another about YouTube advertising. Today we have news of another intriguing infographic, this time looking at 5 years of U.S. politics on YouTube. … [Read more...]

Possible Social Media Block After UK Riots: Cameron Suggests


The UK riots that have taken place over the last week, starting in London and spreading to other areas, have shocked many who thought they would never see such mindless violence on the streets. The government has been criticized for not doing enough but today Prime Minister David Cameron has … [Read more...]

CIA John, Bin Laden Tracker: Revealed on White House Flickr


Back in May the world first heard about the death of Osama Bin Laden and we told about immediate social media reactions, how the raid that found him was reported live on Twitter, Twitter stats about the death and much more. Today we have heard that C.I.A. John, a man integral to the hunt and … [Read more...]

Secret Service and Fox News Twitter Hack: Taking it Seriously


Yesterday we brought you the shocking news that the Fox News Twitter account had been hacked into by a group called Scriptkiddies who had then posted tweets about the assassination of President Barack Obama. Now we have news on the Secret Service and the Fox News Twitter hack and it seems the … [Read more...]

Joe Biden’s Independence Day First Tweet: Wishes Happy 4th July


Here at OSM we regularly write about the growing use of social media in politics today and many politicians and their offices now take advantage of sites such as Twitter and Facebook to campaign and engage with the voters. One politician who some might say was rather late to the Twitter fray is Joe … [Read more...]

Anonymous Threatens Florida Over Charity Group Arrests

Anonymous Logo

Hacking seems all the rage nowadays. Whether it’s LulzSec, or Anonymous, groups of hackers who keep their identity secret are all over the news, taking down this website and stealing information from that company. Whatever their motives, these hackers take enjoyment from breaking through the … [Read more...]

Republican Presidential Twitter Debate Set For July 20


The growing social media effect on politics has really been evident over the last few weeks. We’ve seen the Weinergate Twitter scandal, reported on the White House on Facebook, noted the GOP debate impact on Twitter and also saw who came out of it best, according to Facebook. Today we have news … [Read more...]

GOP Debate Who Came Out Best? According to Facebook


The presence of social media in politics seems to growing rapidly and we’ve told of presidential bids being launched on Twitter and Facebook, the White House on Facebook, and then yesterday talked about the GOP debate and the massive impact it had on Twitter. To keep things well rounded today we … [Read more...]

Weiner Twitter Scandal Action Figure: Anatomically Correct


We’ve been keeping OSM readers informed about the Weinergate Twitter photos scandal, from Anthony Weiner confessing all, to news that Congress members were tweeting less in the aftermath and then yesterday President Obama implying that Weiner should resign. Today we have a more light-hearted take … [Read more...]

Obama and Weiner Scandal: Implies Resignation Due - Plus Video


The Weinergate Twitter pictures scandal has gathered massive attention and we’ve already told about how Anthony Weiner finally confessed all and then how the fallout from the scandal has led to Congress members tweeting less. Now we have some news for you about how President Obama feels about the … [Read more...]

GOP Debate and Massive Twitter Impact


Social media is increasingly playing a part in politics in the U.S. and we’ve recently told for example, about the White House on Facebook, how Weinergate has led to Congress members tweeting less and how presidential bids have been launched using social media, from Newt Gingrich for instance. The … [Read more...]

The White House On Facebook: Half Fans Are Over 50


When it comes to Facebook there are more than 500 million users signed up to their service which makes it the largest of all the social networks. We try to report on the majority of scam, virus and malware that we see as well as talking to you about some statistics … [Read more...]

Weinergate Leads to Congress Tweeting Less


The Weinergate scandal is still very much ongoing at the moment and we previously wrote about congressman Anthony Weiner and the Twitter pictures incident and how he had confessed after previously saying he was the victim of a hacking incident. We have news today that says, maybe unsurprisingly, … [Read more...]

Sarah Palin Prolific Emails Release: Vendetta or Not?


As the Weinergate scandal continues another prominent U.S. politician is now in the news. There is much outrage at present after emails from Sarah Palin’s time as governor of Alaska were made public under freedom of information rights. The release shows just how prolific she was with emails during … [Read more...]

Weiner Twitter Pictures Scandal: Congressman Confesses All


We're often reporting on politics and social media such as the new White House rapid response Twitter feed and also Twitter's CEO, Dick Costolo being appointed to an advisory committee. However today's story is a little different as a U.S. congressman has got himself into a spot of hot water … [Read more...]