Sony Playstation’s Twitter Reports PS3 Network Down: PSN Corrupted


It would not be the first time that the Sony Playstation Network has gone down, but Twitter has gone crazy over the last 24-hours thanks to a worldwide PSN outage. PC World is reporting that the PS3 Network is both down and “Corrupted”. Reports say that this is preventing offline play across the … [Read more...]

Facebook Changes: Notifications going away and new layout video


So many people hate change and need to read the book “Who moved my cheese?” but things keep moving and change is needed. When Facebook unveiled their new layout, it was met with both joy and annoyance to some users. If your still not sure on the new Facebook layout, then check out the video below … [Read more...]

Will Twitter ads push users away?


Every website needs to pay the bills, and if they are lucky make a profit as well. Twitter should be no different and the news that Twitter is planning advertisements should not come as a shock to its users. While Twitter may be getting ready to launch its ad platform within the next month, what … [Read more...]

Twitter Users: BlackBerry app will update 50 different social sites


The latest version of the “Seesmic for BlackBerry” application has added some useful new features, and thanks to Seesmic acquiring in January, the Twitter app maker has added that service into the latest release. Twitter users are now able to use this BlackBerry app to update 50 different … [Read more...]

Twitter Tells Chile Earthquake Story

Twitter Tells Chile Earthquake Story

The news of the earthquake in Chile that measured a magnitude-8.8 has been spreading around social media network sites at a surprising rate. The event took place early yesterday morning and there were fears that a Tsunami could take place in the Pacific Ocean. … [Read more...]

HTML5 vs. Adobe Flash: Interesting Poll Results

html5 vs. flash

The tension between Apple and Adobe has been increasing week on week, and it reached an all time high in the last few weeks. This was helped when Apple unveiled details of their iPad/Tablet device, which made it clear that Flash was not on the menu. Apple has made it clear that they feel Flash is … [Read more...]