DISH Network reseller finds success with social media

DISH Network reseller finds success with social media

DISH Network reseller, Sterling Satellite has managed to crack on to the lucrative social media market. The satellite company shared with users an infographic, which looked at the viewing habits of the public in the U.S. – they called this "TV Viewership by the Numbers." … [Read more...]

Brands employ social media to work alongside email campaigns


As you probably are aware the growth of social networking is ever-increasing, so much so that businesses and brands are utilizing popular services such as Facebook as a way of improving their online marketing strategies. … [Read more...]

Followers of a brand on Facebook or Twitter affect sales


As you have probably guessed businesses are using social networking as a way of drumming up income, therefore it is no surprise that recent statistics posted on Mashable show that both Facebook and Twitter are majorly impacting purchasing decisions. … [Read more...]

Starbucks and Foursquare Partnership: Customer Rewards

Starbucks and Foursquare Partnership Customer Rewards

It looks like the location-based social networking website Foursquare, is definitely meaning business. It appears that the 1-year old start-up now has a huge brand under its belt, in the form of international coffeehouse chain Starbucks. … [Read more...]

MySpace HQ: Room for Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace

MySpace HQ- Room for Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace

Mashable were lucky enough to visit MySpace HQ for a conversation with Jason Hirschhorn and Mike Jones – these Co-Presidents are in charge of the day-to-day running of the News Corp.-owned social network site. The two men even share a desk, showing just how close the pair works together. … [Read more...]

Corporate World‎ and Social Media Marketing

Corporate World‎ and Social Media Marketing

Social networking was once considered a past time, but now it is a very important tool in the corporate world. Both Facebook and Twitter are used by millions to communicate with people around the world, but is also a beneficial tool for enterprises to target their audience. … [Read more...]

Kwedit Start-up: Buy virtual goods

Kwedit Start-up- Buy virtual goods

The economy is a strange thing, one moment it is getting back on its feet and the next things seem to slow down again. However, the one constant is the thriving virtual economy such as Facebook games. It certainly seems strange to part with money for a product that you never physically own. … [Read more...]

Will Twitter ads push users away?


Every website needs to pay the bills, and if they are lucky make a profit as well. Twitter should be no different and the news that Twitter is planning advertisements should not come as a shock to its users. While Twitter may be getting ready to launch its ad platform within the next month, what … [Read more...]