LinkedIn, Overlooked, With Limited Appeal In Marketing


LinkedIn, has become the social networking site primarily used by professional business men and women. Although other sites such as Facebook and Twitter are increasing in user numbers, and offer their service as a way of communicating between friends and acquaintances and using brand marketing as a … [Read more...]

LinkedIn Member Growth: Separate Professional From Personal

Linkedin Member Growth Separate Professional From Personal

Career-focused social networking website LinkedIn – which debuted online back in 2003 - is becoming more and more popular these days. In fact, by the time you had finished reading the first sentence; five more people had probably created accounts. … [Read more...]

LinkedIn: 5 Tips To Raise Your Profile


The business orientated social network LinkedIn is growing in users and we thought we would share some tips with you to help improve your profile, courtesy of Laura Smith over at CIO. … [Read more...]

LinkedIn Tips: Using Social Etiquette


LinkedIn, the business-oriented social networking site which has been available online since 2003, has seen more than 75 million registered users in over 200 countries. As a user to this site, do you “accept” a friend request but do not taken it further. This leads to a build up of connections … [Read more...]

LinkedIn Myths: What Are They?

LinkedIn Myths- What Are They

Whenever you ask businesses what social networking service they are using the answer you get back most would be Facebook, so how come so many of them decide to ignore LinkedIn? One reason could be a few myths that surround the service – something that Neal Schaffer from Social Media Today plans to … [Read more...]

Google’s Social Networking Effort: Should Facebook Worry?


Many of us have been aware for months now that Google are desperate to climb up on to the social networking ladder. This desire may have been fueled even more by the fact that Facebook has now overtaken the search engine as the website in which users spent the most time on. Google are hell bent on … [Read more...]

Facebook Sharing Data: Compared To Twitter and LinkedIn


A question that many people will be wondering the answer to… What is a tweet worth? Well we are about to find out. … [Read more...]

LinkedIn: Launch New “Career Explorer”


Since LinkedIn was launched in 2003, the business-oriented social networking site has had more than 75 million registered users in over 200 countries. As a extra string to its bow the site has introduced a new feature for the recently graduated. … [Read more...]

Fake LinkedIn E-Mail: Yet more spam


LinkedIn, the social networking site aimed at business professionals has been the target of unwanted spam. LinkedIn, which was launched back in 2003 is mainly used for professional networking, and figures showed that as of 9 August 2010, the site had at least 75 million registered users. … [Read more...]

LinkedIn Social Networking: How to utilize the services


LinkedIn, the social networking site is more geared up for the business-oriented professional. As of 9 August 2010, it has seen an impressive 75 million registered users over 200 countries. But are these users getting the most out of the site? Below are some tricks and tips to help the user … [Read more...]