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Category: Business

Online Career Communities: Changing the World of Work

[ 0 ] March 20, 2022

The use of technology and also social media is impacting upon every aspect of daily life now and one area that’s seeing big changes is the world of work. Not only do new innovations affect the way that companies work but also the way in which we, as individuals, manage our careers.

Social Media for Business: Optimizing Customer Marketing

[ 0 ] March 16, 2022

At OSM we like to keep in touch with social media marketing for business and among recent posts we’ve written about L’Oreal using Facebook, how airlines are using social media, and also ways to collect customer feedback with web apps. Today we want to take a look at how small businesses can optimize their customer…

Facebook IPO: Regulators warn of stock scams

[ 0 ] March 15, 2022

We’re often bringing you news about social networking giant Facebook and sometimes it’s more to do with the business aspect rather than the social aspect. Not long ago we told how Facebook was planning its IPO (initial public offering) next year and more recently we told of Facebook’s meteoric ad revenue. Now we have news…

Airlines and Social Media: Optimizing Customer Relations

Airlines and Social Media: Optimizing Customer Relations

[ 0 ] March 8, 2022

The spread of social media is certainly having a growing impact on every part of day-to-day life and for businesses it’s becoming almost essential for marketing and customer relations. Just some of our recent posts included web apps to help gather customer feedback, the stages of the social media ROI cycle and a look at…

Collecting Customer Feedback: Web Apps to Help

[ 1 ] March 7, 2022

Here at OSM we often write about social media marketing and social media for business and recent examples of this include a look at shoppers’ buying behavior and mobile commerce and also a look at the social media ROI cycle. However although we often write about marketing and spreading the word about your product, we…

Social Media ROI Cycle: Navigating the Stages

Social Media ROI Cycle: Navigating the Stages

[ 1 ] March 5, 2022

We like to keep our readers informed about social media and marketing and among our recent posts were an article on social media and mobile commerce and a look at how small businesses are using social media. Today though we wanted to take a look at return on investment and particularly the social media ROI…

Online Sales: Place Your Predictions For 2011 Here

[ 0 ] February 28, 2022

When it comes to online ordering it’s definitely on the increase, you only have to look at the way that different companies and brands are moving towards social media and social networking. You only have to look at the way FCUK and ASOS who are now offering a service of payment within Facebook without leaving…

Social Media & Mobile Commerce: Shoppers' buying behaviour

Social Media & Mobile Commerce: Shoppers’ buying behaviour

[ 2 ] February 28, 2022

We’ve all noticed that social media is having more and more impact on everyday life and that includes the business and marketing sphere as well. Many companies have grasped the opportunity to use social media in order to communicate with their customers but is social media and mobile commerce quite the hit we thought it…

Small Businesses and Social Media: How they are using it

Small Businesses and Social Media: How they are using it

[ 1 ] February 15, 2022

Here at OSM we regularly write posts about social media and business and how companies can best put social media to use. Among our recent posts we’ve looked into using social media to develop a consistent customer service, how to make LinkedIn work for your company, and tips on developing a two-way dialog with customers…

Pandora On The Path To IPO: Market heats up

[ 0 ] February 13, 2022

It seems that Pandora, the Internet radio service, is the latest big name heading towards an IPO, after we recently reported similar news for Facebook. After IPO’s for Skype and LinkedIn have also been speculated for this year we hear that Pandora has now registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission to set the ball…

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