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Business Social Media: How to take advantage

Business Social Media: How to take advantage

[ 0 ] July 19, 2021

There’s an interesting distinction to be made between using social media in a personal way or in a business way and it’s an interesting thought that many people using it for marketing purposes in business, may be erring too much towards the personal slant and therefore not profiting from it in the way it could.

Social Media Marketing: 7 reasons putting you off

Social Media Marketing: 7 reasons putting you off

[ 1 ] July 19, 2021

We’ve all heard of the rise of social media and how useful social media marketing can be. Evidence clearly shows that the benefits of having a presence on Facebook, Twitter and other networks can be really advantageous for business. However it appears that despite this there is still reluctance from some businesses to get involved.

Social Networking Business Future: Access to real-time data

Social Networking Business Future: Access to real-time data

[ 0 ] July 18, 2021

Social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter have been asking people to update everybody on “What’s on your mind?” and “What’s happening?” for a long time now. But the big question of 2010 in the digital world is: “Where are you?”

Social Marketing: Moneymaker or hype?

[ 1 ] July 16, 2021

People may start to get excited when they start getting more followers on Twitter or more fans on Facebook, but what does it really mean. Yes, it may well be great for your ego, but what is it doing for your bank balance. Is social media a money-maker, or is it just hype?

Financial Advisers Turn to LinkedIn, Ecademy, Facebook and Twitter

[ 0 ] July 16, 2021

Nowdays many people use social networking. Services such as Facebook are usually used for keeping in touch with friends and family, but companies are finding ways to use the service to advance their businesses. It seems that social networking is now being used by financial advisers to access business development resources and share business practices.

10m Facebook fans for Starbucks

10m Facebook fans for Starbucks

[ 0 ] July 15, 2021

Starbucks has now become the first consumer brand in the world to reach 10 million Facebook fans or likes, as most of us know it by. The coffee shop chain overtook its closet rival, Coca-Cola over a year ago. Starbucks has managed to pull in another 2.3 million fans this month, and we are only [...]

Foursquare Domino's Pizza Promotion Helps Growth

Foursquare Domino’s Pizza Promotion Helps Growth

[ 1 ] July 12, 2021

International pizza delivery corporation Domino’s Pizza has revealed a 29% surge in pre-tax profits to £17.5 million recently. And the company says that the strong increase in its online sales is thanks to its promotions on local-based mobile app Foursquare, as well as social media.

B2B Social Media Marketing: Tips to stay ahead

B2B Social Media Marketing: Tips to stay ahead

[ 1 ] July 9, 2021

We now live in a world, where social media and social networking play a big role in people’s lives. And it’s not just ordinary people who have jumped on the social media bandwagon either, as businesses have also started getting in on the social media marketing action.

Twitter EarlyBird: Serious about making money

[ 0 ] July 9, 2021

You may have heard of Twitter’s Promoted Tweets which seemed to be a rather cobbled together idea of ad-based Tweets on the top of related Twitter results pages. Promoted Tweets hasn’t really taken off in the way that Twitter would have liked and so now it has come up with EarlyBird.

Facebook says no to England football team

Facebook says no to England football team

[ 0 ] July 6, 2021

It seems that there’s been much speculation recently about Facebook being the new sponsors of the England football team but it’s just not true. The rumors started when the Telegraph ran a story that Facebook was in the running, earlier this week.

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