Is MW3′s Survival Mode IW’s Version Of Black Ops’ Zombies?

With last week's "Rezurrection" map pack launch for Black Ops, it looks like gamers have had their fill of Call Of Duty Zombies for at least another year. Attention will now be focused on Modern Warfare 3 which launches worldwide on November 8th. Sadly Zombie mode is a Treyarch thing and Infinity … [Read more...]

CoD Black Ops Rezurrection For PS3 & PC: Live For You Yet?

PS3 and PC gamers will be pleased to know that the final Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack is available to download today. DLC 4 contains 5 all zombie maps, with "Moon" being the standout feature from the package. As many of you may have realized, the PlayStation Network was down for some hours … [Read more...]

New CoD Black Ops Zombies Trailer Launched To Promote DLC 4

The final chapter of Black Ops Zombies is very close for PS3 and PC players and Activision has decided to remind everyone by launching a new trailer. Xbox 360 users have had exclusivity on DLC 4 for almost a month now, releasing a "Zombie Labs" trailer with the map pack. The last batch of maps … [Read more...]

COD Black Ops: Zombie Viral Youtube video and feature integration

The day has finally come and I am sure by now every Call Of Duty fan has managed to pick themselves up a copy of Black Ops. Whether it be from a midnight launch, pre-order, store purchase or an armed robbery. … [Read more...]

COD Black Ops Review: YouTube For Zombies - Hands-on


Ok we are hours away from the release of COD Black Ops but if you are like me, you just cannot wait to play the new game. You can watch the live launch on Facebook here that is if you haven’t already pitched your tents outside the shops! … [Read more...]

COD Black Ops and Zombies: Facebook UK Launch

Is COD Black Ops the most anticipated game ever? I believe it is, especially seeing as it is being linked more and more too social media such as Facebook and Twitter. We have had various ideas around things that we would like to see such as stats on Facebook … [Read more...]

Activision repeatedly pulling down leaked Youtube Zombie videos


With less than a week to go until Black Ops is finally launched you would think that after 2 years of hard work, games developers Activision and Treyarch would be lying back with their feet up. This is not the case as they have had a busy week, removing illegally leaked videos of the new Zombie … [Read more...]

Youtube screen Halloween Black Ops trailer-No Zombies


Treyarch last night showcased their new and final trailer for Call Of Duty Black Ops, before its launch in just over a week. … [Read more...]

Treyarch announce new Black Ops trailer via Facebook


Game developer Treyarch has made the most of Facebook's 500 million users by using the social networking site as one of the tools to announce the launch of its brand new trailer on Sunday night. The famous night of Halloween is when I expect we will finally see some official zombie footage or … [Read more...]

Yahoo Releases Zombie Social Game For Halloween


Yahoo one of the biggest search engines, has now just released a new social and educational zombie game in time for Halloween. The game “Shambling Hordes” has been officially developed by Yahoo Labs in the hope that as well as enjoying the awesome zombies, the game will help it's users in an … [Read more...]