Top 2010 YouTube Videos: What the world watched


Earlier today we gave you an article about the top 10 Twitter trends of 2010 and now it’s the turn of YouTube for a top ten 2010 list. The popular site which recently topped another list itself, the top 10 social media sites of 2010, has put together a review of this year’s most-watched videos and … [Read more...]

Top 10 social media sites 2010: YouTube leads the way


So which social network do you think came out tops in a rating of most-mentioned websites and social media services? You may guess Twitter or Facebook but in fact the top place on the list for 2010 goes to YouTube in the Zeta 2010 Buzz Awards which looks at the popularity of 125 social media sites. … [Read more...]

Want More Video Time? YouTube Lifting 15 Minute Restriction


For all of you out there who are regular visitors to YouTube, then this may be a Christmas gift come early. The site has now announced that they are removing the 15 minute video time cap for those users who have always complied with community guidelines. … [Read more...]

Michael Jackson New Album “Leaked” On Internet


Ever since Michael Jackson passed away last year, he has still remained in our hearts, and his music is still as popular as ever. In fact a new generation including that of my own children are listening to his famous tracks. … [Read more...]

Music Lunge: New Social Networking Website Joins The Fray


With more and more people accessing the internet nowadays, and logging onto social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, there is real competition to gain the coveted number one place. But news in today of an up and coming site “” may be about to make those already … [Read more...]

Justin Bieber Turns To Facebook In YouTube Fury


For pop sensation “Justin Bieber” it has been an eventful last week. It has seen popular site YouTube, block his new video “Pray,” and the young star turn to Facebook for a little solace. … [Read more...]

Job Search - Find a Job With Twitter


Twitter one of the largest and most popular social networking sites is increasing in numbers by the day, and not only is it a great way of following our celebrity idols and tweeting away to our followers, but potentially it is becoming a great resource for finding a job. As well as users turning to … [Read more...]

YouTube seek movie expansion with Miramax deal


Google's video sharing site YouTube is looking to expand its movie streaming and so is in talks with the soon to be new owners of movie company Miramax. YouTube is looking for the streaming rights to their large catalogue of films. … [Read more...]

Boxee Box Enjoy New Firmware Update


Media streamer Boxee Box has received excellent reviews since it's release, but has had it's fair share of minor glitches. Luckily the team at Boxee are on top of their game and announced a major firmware update to address these issues. … [Read more...]

YouTube plea for Thanksgiving Day dinner invite pays off


We’ve got a story with a great happy ending for you for this Thanksgiving Day, full of human interest and the warmth of the human spirit. OK, that may be going too far as the final outcome has yet to be seen but we can’t wait to find out. The story involves an Australian journalist, James West, … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving 2010: YouTube videos to evoke thankfulness


It’s Thanksgiving Day tomorrow, November 25, and when the parade is over and you’re stuffed from your feast and lying virtually unable to move on your sofa, you may want something to while away some time that won’t be too exerting. What about a few YouTube videos to look at, and these ones are … [Read more...]

Google to offer skippable ads on YouTube videos


Have you noticed over the past months just as you are about to put your feet up and enjoy a nice video on YouTube it is interrupted by a pesky 30 second advertisement? Well that could be about to change as Big Mouth Media reports that Google may be about to offer you the option to skip the ads. … [Read more...]

Angry Birds Arrives On YouTube Viral Video


One of the most addictive games I have ever played on the iPhone the “Angry Birds” has now gone viral on networking site YouTube. The popular game shows a group of nasty pigs stealing away bird eggs and hiding them in fortresses, to then get outwitted by the birds on a mission to reclaim their … [Read more...]

Kinect or PS Move this Christmas: How about both?


With the Christmas holidays only 5 weeks away and most notably Black Friday just around the corner, it seems like a good time to window shop and look out for the latest gadget stocking fillers. Two of the biggest selling games devices which will be sitting under the tree this year are the XBox … [Read more...]

Prince William and Kate Middleton Engagement: YouTube videos flood in


The engagement was announced today of Prince William and Kate Middleton and the internet is buzzing with the news surrounding the next royal wedding. Indeed such is the amount of news coverage one would imagine there must be nothing else going on in the rest of the world but of course, people are … [Read more...]

YouTube recieves 35 hours of video uploads each minute


We know that whenever we all get a random urge to watch pretty much anything we head over to YouTube to watch it. They have anything and everything over there but how much new video do they take in each day? … [Read more...]

Teen Joined By 50 Cent In YouTube Viral Video


You may not have heard of Keenan Cahill, and to be honest the chances are that without YouTube you would have never heard of him at all. But parentdish reports, thanks to over 30 million hits the 15-year-old from the windy city has become world famous. … [Read more...]

Viewing web video may now be easier with YouTube Topics


On Wednesday evening, YouTube are going to test out their new search feature which they have named "YouTube Topics". … [Read more...]

YouTube hosts new Verizon iPad commercial - Watch video


Not long ago we told how Verizon was now offering the Apple iPad for sale which surely has to give added hope to a Verizon iPhone at some time. Now we hear news that the first Verizon iPad commercial is available on YouTube. The tagline of the ad is, “All the magic of iPad. All the nationwide … [Read more...]

HRH The Queen Gains 41,000 Facebook Fans


Yesterday at OSM, we reported on the British Royal Family joining Facebook, well not them individually but an official page set up to list events, speeches, where they would be at any given time and so on. This morning at 8 am the page was launched and saw an amazing response. … [Read more...]

Viewsonic Releases 3D 720p Camcorder To Create 3D Movies


American company Viewsonic, renowned for developing plasma displays, HDTV technology, CRT monitors and projectors has now just announced it's latest offering in the form of the 3D 720p Camcorder. It seems with the lead up to the holiday season, we have a lot to look forward to with not only this, … [Read more...]

YouTube Announce 1 Billion Celebration With New Widget


YouTube the site which enables users to view, upload and share video content, is now celebrating a huge milestone of reaching 1 billion subscriptions. In a site that was initially set up in 2005, users have been able to enjoy TV clips, music videos, movie clips as well as the everyday person making … [Read more...]

YouTube Charlie Chaplin Viral Video With Time Traveler On Board


For fans of English comic actor and film director of the silent era “Charlie Chaplin”, there is no bigger fan then that of current Irish film maker George Clarke. In the next few days Halloween will be upon us and news of a YouTube viral video featuring Chaplin and a possible time traveler has come … [Read more...]

Tron: Legacy Trailer Music Video Features Daft Punk


For fans waiting for the next big Disney movie TRON: Legacy, there is not much longer to wait. With the scheduled release of December 17 in America and across Canada, it will only be a matter of weeks to see this epic adventure. But now with news that has come in today, you will be able to … [Read more...]

“Paranormal Activity 2″ Breaks Ticket Sales Due To Viral Video Campaign


Paranormal Activity 2 is the follow up to last year's “Paranormal Activity” from Paramount Pictures. The premiere which screened in America on Friday, saw record amounts of tickets being sold and consequently broke all R-rated records seeing an extraordinary $6 million taken in ticket sales. Could … [Read more...]