State of the Union address and YouTube questions


At OSM we’ve noted the growing impact of using social media in politics and now we hear of a great opportunity to get your own questions to the man himself, President Barack Obama. … [Read more...]

Guy To Get One Million Dollars After YouTube Clip Goes Viral


Recently we have informed you of a few different viral videos that have hit YouTube, we have seen the man with the golden voice, Heidi the cross eyed opossum and of course the woman that has fallen into the fountain. Now we want to report on the guy that is being given $1 million … [Read more...]

YouTube Viral: Woman Falls Into Fountain In A Mall May Sue


Now we all know what happens when a video from the likes of YouTube goes viral. That is exactly what has happened with Cathy Cruz Marrero, or as she is currently more commonly known, the woman who fell into the fountain in a mall while she was texting. Well, now we are hearing reports that … [Read more...]

Bobee: YouTube’s Latest Viral Video - Your Thoughts?


Over the last little while we have been looking at some of videos that are hitting YouTube, we have seen the man with the golden voice, which is perfect for radio, we have seen the cross eyed opossum and we have all had a chuckle at the woman falling into the fountain in the mall … [Read more...]

YouTube: Woman Falls Into Fountain In A Mall Becomes A Hit


YouTube is a source for a lot of great things, if you are looking for a visual guide on how to perform a task, if you want to broadcast something that you know to the world; like showing everyone your great radio voice or advertise your newest addition to your zoo being a cross eyed opossum … [Read more...]

YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011: Picks It’s Talented Musicians


Do you consider yourself as having a talent when it comes to playing a musical instrument, do you dream of one day being noticed? Then today's news might just give you that push that's needed. With the aid of internet site YouTube, a group of musically talented individuals have been spotted and … [Read more...]

You Tube Captures “No Pants” Subway Ride For 2011


For many who may have been travelling to work or just sightseeing would have been in for a shock, when thousands of people took to the subway system in a number of cities across America. Over 5,000 people in fact were taking part in “No Pants Day,” an event that has been keeping us entertained for … [Read more...]

Justin Bieber: Twitter RIP Jibes Also Hit YouTube & Facebook


We have heard some sick rumors in our time but we think this just about tops them all. Whilst Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social networking sites have their uses, they also have their downfalls. RIP Justin Bieber is one of the latest things to be trending in Twitter … [Read more...]

Ted Williams: YouTube viral sensation a hit for Kraft


We know many of you have been following the story of the homeless man with the golden voice, Ted Williams, who became a YouTube sensation when he was spotted at the side of the road trying to make money by holding a sign about his voice. … [Read more...]

YouTube 8-Year Old Singing Sensation: 2 Million Hits & Growing


YouTube initially founded back in 2005, is now being used globally for uploading, sharing and viewing of video content. For an 8-year old girl in America her dreams have come true with the help of the site. … [Read more...]

Heidi The Cross Eyed German Opossum: Video & Facebook Profile


When it comes to viral videos that sweep the nation, they are normally extraordinary or hilarious, this one we cannot quite decide which way we are swaying. We have shown a few different viral videos, our favorite probably being the most recent, Ted Williams and his golden voice … [Read more...]

PlayStation Phone: Rage Racer & Resident Evil 2 Clips On YouTube


Since September 2010 here at OSM, we have brought you various reports about the forthcoming device the “PlayStation Phone.” Also referred to in previous news as the “Zeus Z1” or “Xperia Play,” we were keen to share with you some interesting footage found over on YouTube. … [Read more...]

YouTube Homeless Ted Williams: In Super Bowl Ad?


At the start of last week, Debbie here at OSM reported on Ted Williams, the homeless man who became a YouTube sensation after pulling in some 4 million viewings using his gifted vocal chords. The man who had been begging, was seen on the side of the road holding up a cardboard sign saying that he … [Read more...]

YouTube and MySpace links to suspected Arizona shooting gunman


By now many of you will have heard of the deadly shooting rampage that took place in Arizona earlier today where several people were killed and more injured, some of them now in a critical condition. It now appears that the man identified as being the suspected gunmen, 22-year-old Jared Lee … [Read more...]

YouTube Shows Evidence The HTC DROID Incredible Takes a Bullet


YouTube is extremely popular site for viral videos, recently we have brought you the homeless man with a golden voice who has now been flooded with job offers since his hit video. Now we are bringing you an amazing story about a mobile phone saving it's owner's life … [Read more...]

YouTube’s Man with the Golden Voice flooded with job offers


Yesterday we told you the heartwarming story of the homeless man with the golden voice who became a viral hit on YouTube when a video of him became an internet sensation. The man, Ted Williams, had been advertising his gifted voice with a cardboard sign by the sign of the road and we told how we … [Read more...]

Verizon iPhone 4 / 5 YouTube Video Removed


It was only late last night, here at OSM that we brought you news about subsequent photos and a video surrounding the highly anticipated Verizon 4/5. The photo clips sourced from AppleInsider via SmartMedic showed 2 handsets alongside each other, one being the current iPhone 4, the second the … [Read more...]

YouTube Viral Video: Homeless Man With The Golden Voice


Another viral video has swept Google owned site YouTube, with the story hitting just about every news station over the globe. If you have not heard of "the man with the golden voice" then allow us to enlighten you. … [Read more...]

Facebook To Show Live Streaming Of U.S. Congress


During the course of last year, the way in which you used social media has expanded, allowing a large percentage of you to now have the opportunity to view events LIVE. Online social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have all given us the accessibility to catch the action as it … [Read more...]

YouTube HRH Queen Elizabeth: 1957 Christmas Message Hits Top


YouTube, the video sharing site originally founded back in 2005, has now become increasingly popular with users being able to upload, share and watch their favorite videos. During last year, the site became a great way for pop stars to show off their latest music videos, and companies to advertise … [Read more...]

Verizon iPhone release: Operatic anthem plea on YouTube


We know just how many of you are craving that Apple iPhone on Verizon and do our best to keep you up-to-date with all the news (and speculation), surrounding the much-talked about device. Just some of our recent posts have been how February for a Verizon iPhone seems more likely for a release date … [Read more...]

Best 2010 Ads: YouTube’s Most Watched


YouTube is a place for just about everything and is not only an unlimited entertainment fest, but also a great place to effectively advertise your goods. We will be running through the most viewed and popular advertisements of the year and I am sure you have seen some of them many times! You may … [Read more...]

YouTube: Revamped Hompage With Newsfeed


YouTube has slowly and silently given their homepage and user interface a new make over and the changes have primarily been put in place to draw users in more regularly. A big newsfeed and trending video section has been stamped onto the homepage, with the site looking like a video streaming … [Read more...]

YouTube Trends: Keeping track of what’s popular, plus VIDEO


Here at OSM we know just how many of you are interested in news about YouTube and have recently posted an article on how YouTube gained the number one position in the top 10 social media sites of 2010. Yesterday we also brought you news of the top ten 2010 YouTube videos. Now we have news to tell … [Read more...]

Tech support for parents from Google: Video tutorials


There’s great news for those of you who seem to spend most of the time spent with your parents these days explaining how to do tech things as they try to master their computers. While we take our hats off to our parents for trying, it can sometimes be exasperating to say the least. … [Read more...]