AT&T Xperia Play 4G: Cheaper Alternative To Verizon

With numerous devices making their way to retailers before the holiday season commences, which to be honest is some three months away, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play certified (PlayStation phone) seems a distant memory now. With various articles written on the device, including a 50% cut price … [Read more...]

Sony Xperia Play: “Back To School” 50% Cut Price Promotion

Before Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play or certified PlayStation Phone as its known first released, there was much interest in the new device, unfortunately this soon died down. Although to some it may be the best thing since sliced bread as they say, its not hit sales figures that were initially … [Read more...]

Amazon “Big Name” Smartphone Sale: June 8th Finish

Are you still toying with the idea of getting a new smartphone, but not sure whether you can justify spending out your hard earned pennies? Today news may be about to change that. … [Read more...]

Xperia Play 02 Retailer: Pick Your Black Or White Up

Sony's Xperia Play was introduced back in February at the Mobile World Congress after a long rumor packed wait. Its showing at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, saw it wow the crowds as the first Android device to support game changing technology. … [Read more...]

Big Verizon Release Day: 4 Phones Include Droid X2 & Xperia Play

There are some seriously good smartphones hitting the U.S. market around now. Not only are handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the HTC Sensation due to be released, but also today is a big release day for Verizon, with four new smartphones being launched on the same day. They are the … [Read more...]

Xperia Play on Verizon Pre-Orders Live Now: For May 26 Release

We’ve been reporting on the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, otherwise known as the PlayStation Phone, for some time. There’s good news today for those who have been waiting for this handset to make it’s way to Verizon as the Xperia Play pre-order page has now gone live with a release date of May 26 … [Read more...]

Vodafone New Zealand Xperia Play Shipment Stolen

If your anything like us here at OSM you too go through a whole bunch of mixed emotions whenever a new piece of tech is announced, after we follow these new releases for months and months it can be a big anti-climax when something gets in the way to stop us getting our hands on these new devices. … [Read more...]

Xperia Play Games Not Selling: PSN Outage The Cause?

When Sony’s PlayStation Network was breached earlier this month thousands of people were left with very mixed emotions, in the mist of all this we have been trying to bring you as much news as we can. In previous posts we have talked about a possible restoration time and how Microsoft planned to … [Read more...]

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Unscathed By Security Blunder

Sony's PSN security breach has been well publicized, with its massive invasion having a detrimental affect on the PlayStation brand. As we have reported, hackers managed to gain access to the online network and nearly 80 million users' addresses and credit cards details. … [Read more...]

Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Almost Ready To Play On O2

We have some encouraging news for O2 users who want to get their hands on Sony Ericsson's latest smartphone, the Xperia Play. The Playstation Phone as it has been dubbed by some, is due out very soon after the initial delay because of bugs. … [Read more...]

SE Xperia Play Gets 1 Month Exclusivity On BackStab Game

For those who have pre-ordered their Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, or just plan to line up on the release date, you may want a little more detail on the kind of games you can look forward to. We can confirm that an action adventure game called BackStab will be available exclusively on the Play for 1 … [Read more...]

Xperia Play Shows Up On Vodafone UK Pre-Order Page


Here at OSM we have done all we can to keep you up to date with all the latest news about the Xperia Play, we reported on its announcement, its specs and now finally we can bring some information on its pre-order status after turning up on Vodafone UK’s website. … [Read more...]

Sony Xperia Play: Grab Yours Now On eBay

One of the biggest devices on its way to you this year, is that of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, or PlayStation Phone as its referred to. Initial rumors from last year led up to its official unveiling at MWC last month and its abundantly clear that we have a fantastic phone coming. As well as … [Read more...]

Xperia Play & Xperia Arc Hands-On: Sony Ericsson Catapults?

There’s been a lot of great stuff shown at MWC 2011, still ongoing in Barcelona and two of the devices we knew of and have seen more of there, are the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc and also the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, otherwise known as the PlayStation Phone. There’s been a huge amount of interest … [Read more...]

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play: First Games Revealed


Following our close watch on all the news flowing out of MWC we can tell you that the eagerly awaited Sony Ericsson Xperia Play has something else to offer us, the latest news on this mobile gaming device has revealed the first games that will be available. … [Read more...]

Sony Xperia Play Coming To UK Orange: The Wait Is Nearly Over


Yesterday, we reported on an official specification listing for the new Sony Xperia Play a.k.a. PlayStation Phone, a device which has been talked about since the summer of last year. The mini PlayStation come phone from Sony, packs some pretty mean features, which we were lucky enough to report on … [Read more...]

MWC 2011 Verizon Sony Xperia Play: Official Specs & Release Date

At last, news has been announced of one of the biggest devices that will probably come out of this year, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play a.k.a. The “PlayStation Phone,” running on Verizon. News has been coming in thick and fast from the MWC 2011, of the specifications, release date and to add to … [Read more...]

T-Mobile, 3 & Orange Also Set For Playtime With New Xperia


We brought you the good news yesterday that the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play was being made available on O2 and Vodafone. We have even more good news as the "Playstation Phone" is also coming to Orange and T-Mobile networks. … [Read more...]

SE Xperia Play Coming To O2- Via Twitter

We have some more interesting news for you regarding the highly anticipated Sony Ericsson Xperia Play or in more simple terms, the Playstation Phone. … [Read more...]

Xperia Play Official: Full launch at MWC February 13 - 6PM GMT

At last we have news that the somewhat mythical Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, otherwise known as the PlayStation Phone, will soon be made official. We’ve already seen a preview of a prototype, some news of a leaked commercial (pretty odd!) and also expectations of an announcement at MWC 2011 among … [Read more...]

Sony Xperia Play: Leaked Commercial - Your Thoughts?

The guys at Sony have definitely been busy, the amount of separate things they have been working on in the last little while is amazing, one of which is allowing the Sony PlayStation phone or as it’s better known, the Xperia Play to be seen. Other things they have been up to include readying the … [Read more...]

Sony NGP – PSP2: Packs a Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 Processor


We have already reported some of the specs of the much anticipated new Sony handheld device and we are all pretty blown away so far. What has just been mentioned now though is the processor that is in the device … [Read more...]

Sony Xperia PlayStation Phone: Preview before Release

The mystical device has made an appearance into the wide open world; the first pictures and video of the PlayStation Phone or the Xperia Play or the R800i or whatever you want to call it. They turned up today and of course; everyone has been going nuts for it … [Read more...]

Sony PlayStation Phone / Xperia Play/ Zeus Z1 running Android 2.3


Sometimes the much-talked about PlayStation Phone has seemed to be almost mythical and at the beginning of December we found some evidence of it along with the fact it may be called the Zeus Z1 and then asked if perhaps there was too much hype surrounding it. By later in December we’d heard more … [Read more...]