Next-Gen Expectations: PS4, Xbox 720, Wii U and more

Expectations for next-gen consoles are not only getting the consumer thinking, but also developers as well. It’s so easy to let our imaginations run wild, but we have to be practical at the same time. We often predict more than a developer can handle, as there has to be the perfect marriage … [Read more...]

Mass Effect 3 on Wii U and iOS 5?

Forthcoming game Mass Effect 3 published by Electronic Arts (EA) is scheduled to release on March 6th 2012 on gaming consoles Xbox 360 and the popular PS3. We know many of you are patiently waiting for it to arrive, with benefits to come include changes to combat, improved cover system, more … [Read more...]

Nintendo 3DS Selling At Snails Pace: Predecessor Outshines

As with many devices to the market, the reaction to them can be positive and negative from customers, the same can be said for the Nintendo 3DS gaming console. Hoped to pull in the masses with its new 3D technology, the 3DS hasn’t quite lived up to peoples' expectations with news today that the … [Read more...]

Nintendo Wii U: PS3 & Xbox Visuals Used, Equals Graphics

Gaming event E3 2011 kicked off yesterday, with announcements from Sony and Nintendo, with news of the PS Vita and the new Wii U + Controller and its the latter that we wanted to talk to you about. With a great number of attendees present, the event kicked off with an orchestra followed by Shigeru … [Read more...]